Job Oriented Courses in Bangalore

Job Oriented Courses in Bangalore

In Bangalore, there are a number of job-oriented VLSI courses that cover everything an aspiring VLSI engineer needs to know. All these VLSI courses offer a viable career option that gives primary employment options for freshmen. VLSI companies offer the best placement options with excellent professional development and income incentives. There are a plethora of courses that are provided by the VLSI institutes in Bangalore. Some of these job oriented courses in Bangalore have excellent growth possibilities.

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Bangalore’s Best Job-Oriented Courses

RTL Design Course

Register-transfer level (RTL) Design course has evolved into a tool-intensive job. RTL is a design abstraction in digital circuit design that describes a synchronous digital circuit in terms of the flow of digital signals between hardware registers, as well as the logical operations performed on those signals. The course will throw light on subjects like RTL Coding in System Verilog, RTL Integration, CDC (clock domain crossing) and linting.

RTL Lint and CDC Checks Using Spyglass Course

Using the Spyglass tool, an in-depth study of RTL LInt and CDS is provided in this course. Linting is the process of removing non-portable or suspect code from a VLSI system. It’s a static analysis tool because instead of running the code, it examines it using a set of criteria. CDC, on the other hand, uses the Spyglass tool to examine a number of CDC guidelines.

VLSI Design and Verification

This course offers an overview of functional verification approaches and the SystemVerilog language. During the completion of the course, you will also learn a detailed explanation of how to design with the help of SystemVerilog HDVL. Soft skill training is also included in the course to make you a more refined VLSI engineer.

ASIC Verification Course

The ASIC Design Verification course is created and updated according to the industry requirements. ASIC Design Verification is the process of verifying the functionality of an RTL design. Considering the demand of Design Verification Engineers in the VLSI industry the major contemporary approaches are covered in detail in the course. The course is taught by verification experts who use laboratories to provide a thorough understanding of the industry’s complexities. 

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DFT Course

The goal of design for test or design for testability (DFT) in VLSI is to save time and effort when creating test vector sequences for testing VLSI circuits after fabrication. DFT is a technique for optimising the development process as it operates with the goal of lowering the time necessary to create VLSI circuit test vector sequences. A subset of the SoC design cycle, DFT helps simplify the process of finding manufacturing defects. In VLSI training, Design for Testability will provide a student with in-depth knowledge of all testability methodologies and hence it is a suitable career option for them. 

Synthesis, STA & LEC Course

Another job-oriented course provided in Bangalore is Synthesis Signoff STA & LEC course. In the automated design of integrated circuits, signoff checks are a collection of verification procedures that must be accomplished before a design can be taped out. This course can be taken if you want to perform extraordinarily well in your existing engineering roles.

Physical Design Course

Designed for the freshers, Physical Design is a course which would samilirise you with critical steps of physical design flow. Physical design flow in VLSI transforms a synthesised netlist, design constraint, and standard library into a layout that follows the foundry’s design rules. The generated blueprint is then transmitted to a foundry to be turned into a chip. The various steps in VLSI Physical Design Flow, synthesis, LEC, introduction to fundamentals of CMOS, LINUX and Digital Design with Verilog are all covered in depth in this course. This course covers all of the elements that a physical design engineer needs to know in order to execute his job.


The aforementioned are only a few of the job oriented courses offered in Bangalore. ChipEdge also offers almost all of the above courses. Chipedge, VLSI training institute provides advanced online VLSI courses that will allow you to learn at your own pace and with the liberty you desire. There are various courses that are being offered by them like Physical Design course, Design Verification course, ASIC verification course, RTL Design Course and many more. Enroll yourself today!

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