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ChipEdge is a Bangalore based VLSI Skill Development Company founded in Oct 2012, with a vision to offer quality Skill Development, Enhancement Programs to Universities, Professionals and Corporates.

We offer multiple VLSI Skill Development, Enhancement courses to working engineers, during weekends. We offer customised VLSI training programs to corporates, to ramp up the freshers or enhance the skill of senior engineers.

Our Course offerings in Bangalore-

  • Physical Design
  • DFT
  • Digital Verification
  • Synthesis, Sign-Off STA & Formal Verification
  • Analog Layout Design
  • Low Power Design Implementation using UPF,
  • High Speed IO Circuit Design
  • Verification using System Verilog
  • Verification using UVM
  • TCL Scripting
  • Analog Circuit Design

and are frequently introducing new courses.