Job Prospects In RTL Design

Job Prospects In RTL Design

VLSI is a very advanced subject based on electronics engineering. For example, RTL Design, a field in VLSI, is used to construct a digital design using combinational and sequential circuits. In RTL design jobs, an ideal candidate should have the technical expertise and a few soft skills to express their ideas to companies for their product or services.

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About RTL Design

RTL Design Engineer writes the functionality of the design and does RTL Coding. The most widely used programming languages used in RTL design are Verilog or VHDL. These jobs offer diverse work opportunities in India and worldwide, with excellent career and income prospects.


VLSI RTL Design Jobs Prospects

The VLSI RTL Design is a great career choice for freshers looking for a job in VLSI, working professionals in non VLSI industry or FGPA Designer who wants to switch to ASIC. The VLSI Industry is growing rapidly, and demand for RTL design jobs is increasing.

Let us look at some of the well-known RTL design jobs prospects.  


RTL Design Engineer:

An RTL Design Engineer should have good knowledge about RTL design fundamentals, RTL coding and synthesis, Verilog and System-Verilog, SoC Design, experience in Linting, CDC and LEC. As an RTL Design Engineer, you will also contribute to the design verification team. 

At the beginning of your RTL design jobs, you may expect an income of ₹ 3.6 lakhs to ₹ 12 lakhs per annum in the top VLSI Companies. However, the income can vary depending on your skills, knowledge and company requirements. 

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ASIC Design Engineer:

RTL design jobs include ASIC design engineers in charge of developing architectural specifications and model statements for ASIC systems to support business activities and specifications. ASIC Designer should have a deep understanding of ASIC design flow, including RTL design, verification, logic synthesis, prototyping, DFT, timing analysis.


Learning is Never Ending

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