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ChipEdge Perspective on gap between Academia and Industry in VLSI field

In the last decade, academic system in India has evolved with VLSI subjects in bachelors courses and masters courses on VLSI.  Compared to earlier, industry standard VLSI tools are available to academic institutions at affordable prices; Thanks to the support of EDA companies, for offering  the industry standard tools at highly discounted (99+ %) prices .

But the standard of VLSI teaching at majority of the institutions is not up to the industry level. As a result the students coming out of campus are not industry ready to work in VLSI industry. The faculties at majority of the institutions doesn’t have enough exposure to the VLSI industry and EDA tools. It was found that though they are interested to learn from the industry, but they are not finding the industry resources who are willing to share, particularly by travelling to their institution.

On the other hand, the VLSI professionals in the industry are too busy with tight project schedules and busy lifes in general,   are not finding time to share their knowledge with the academics, though they are willing to do.

These are two separate stories of VLSI in Academia and in Industry. The industry and academia are isolated to large extent, with no or less collaboration.  The gap between the industry and academia continues. Supply of VLSI engineers is less than demand and this is not healthy to the ECO system of Indian Semiconductor industry. And not encouraging to the engineering graduates in India, who are looking for opportunities.

ChipEdge Solution

ChipEdge decided to take industry expertise to the academic campuses, to share the rich industry experience with the students and faculties. And started offering industry oriented VLSI trainings to the students and faculties, at the institution itself.  Our current training programs are VLSI Certification Courses for students and VLSI Workshops to students and faculties .  Please refer to these pages for more details on the courses and workshops.

Salient Features of University Training

  • Training will be delivered in the academic institution itself
  • Training will be delivered by Expert Faculty with rich industry experience
  • Training will be delivered according to the convenience of college, aligning with academic class work
  • Emphasis will be on practicals with 50% of course time, allocated to labs
  • Certificate will be issued by ‘ChipEdge Technologies Pvt Ltd’ for all courses
  • Courses are designed to make them affordable to students
  • All courses / workshops includes hands on labs using industry standard EDA tools.
  • Emphasis will be on practicals with 50% of course time, allocated to labs.

Infrastructure requirement from Institution:

  • The institution should have a lab, with industry standard EDA tools, preferably Cadence/Synopsys/Mentor.
  • A seminar hall with LCD projector, quality public address system, color mike.