Marvelous Microchip: The role of VLSI in Computers

VLSI in computers

VLSI, or Very Large-Scale Integration, is the process of integrating millions or billions of transistors onto a single silicon chip. This technology has revolutionized the computer industry, making it possible to create smaller, faster, and more powerful computers. Even big companies like TSMC have tailored their manufacturing infrastructure to handle a diversified product portfolio that […]

Performance and Efficiency: The Role of SoC in VLSI Design


In the current landscape of consumer preferences there exists a demand for compact yet powerful devices, and the solution is System-on-Chip (SoC), It is a complete processing system that integrates multiple processing units, memory, Input and Output (I/O) ports, peripheral interfaces and secondary storage into one chip. Hence SoC plays a crucial role in VLSI […]

A Comprehensive Guide To VLSI Chip Design

Vlsi chip design

A Comprehensive Guide To VLSI Chip Design In the realm of technological advancement, the foundation lies within the intricate world of Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) chip design. VLSI chip design is the art and science of creating microchips that power the devices driving our modern world, from smartphones and computers to sophisticated machinery and […]

Understanding the ASIC Flow in VLSI

ASIC flow in VLSI

In semiconductor design, the intricate process of creating Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) involves a systematic sequence of steps known as the ASIC flow in VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration). This meticulously structured procedure encompasses various stages, each playing a pivotal role in shaping the final ASIC product. Understanding the ASIC flow in VLSI is paramount […]

Embedded Systems vs VLSI: Understanding the Core Differences

Embedded systems vs VLSI

As per an article that appeared in the Times of India the minister of state for electronics and information technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar has stated at the International VLSI Design & Embedded Systems conference that the ‘Techade’ will not only focus on the Internet and direct-to-consumer technology but also electronics and semiconductors. This announcement makes it […]

Exploring the Expansive Landscape of VLSI Applications

VLSI Applications

Ever since the development of the first IC in 1958, the compound annual growth rate of the VLSI industry is 53% over 50 years and no other technology has showcased this trajectory of growth. As per CNBCTV18, the Indian government has earmarked $10 billion to aid the rapid growth of the semiconductor industry in the […]

Top 5 EDA Companies in VLSI

EDA companies in VLSI

EDA VLSI Leaders: Top 5 EDA Companies in VLSI Design  EDA is an abbreviation for electronic design automation. It is a software application that is used to develop electronic circuits. VLSI design brings numerous transistors together to create chips that drive our digital world. To ease the designing of integrated circuits in the chips on […]

A Novel Approach to Chip Integration- 3D IC

3d ic

A Novel Approach to Chip Integration- 3D IC Semiconductors are the essential building blocks of modern technology, and their demand is rising with the ongoing digital transformation. Meeting this increasing demand requires advanced methods and technologies. 3D IC, or Three-Dimensional Integrated Circuit technology, is an advanced semiconductor manufacturing technique that involves stacking multiple layers of […]

The Future of the VLSI Industry: Growth and Career Options

future of vlsi industry

Before delving into the future of the VLSI Industry, it’s quite important to understand what VLSI stands for. VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration)  is a method of building an Integrated Circuit, with numerous MOS transistors into a single silicon chip. In simple terms, VLSI is about designing and manufacturing integrated circuits for all different types […]

Moore’s Law and Transistor Scaling

moore's law

Imagine a time when a computer occupied an entire room, and then imagine the audacious notion that it could one day fit in your pocket. This is the tale of Moore’s Law, a prophecy that defied the limits of imagination and continues to shape the world of VLSI technology. A Glimpse into the Past: The […]

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