Live Online VLSI Courses (weekend)

Weekend VLSI Courses provided by VLSI training institute are designed for working professionals to re-skill / upskill and stay relevant & competitive in your career. Delivered by Expert Trainers from industry currently working in latest technologies, Online VLSI Training Programs helps you updated with technology & tool advancements. 

Job Oriented VLSI Courses
(full time)

We, a VLSI training institute provide customized training programs. Be it induction programs to fresh graduates or re-skill or upskill the experienced engineers on any technical skills. Companies can choose from different delivery models, be it online classroom or self learning models with the best vlsi training institute.

Online VLSI Courses
(On Demand)

With our Self Learning Online VLSI Courses, you can learn any skill of your choice at your own pace. You can choose the lab packages as per your learning requirement and budget in our VLSI training institute. With our partnership with Synopsys, we made it possible to access the VLSI lab online in 24×7 mode from any corner of the world.

Live Online VLSI Courses (Weekend)

Physical Design

Duration: 16 Weeks

Start Date: 6th August

VLSI Design cycle involves preparing the design for fabrication at a selected foundry (TSMC, Global foundries ..), with a specific technology node (10nm, 7nm..).

Design For Test (DFT)

Duration: 16 Weeks

Start Date: 23rd July

Design For Testability is a specialization in the SOC design cycle, which facilitates design for detecting manufacturing defects.  With the increase in size & complexity of chips.

ASIC Design Verification

Duration: 16 Weeks

Start Date: 9th July

This design verification course is designed and is delivered by practicing experts in Verification, as per the industry requirements.


vlsi training institute - RTL Lint

RTL Lint and CDC checks using Spyglass

Duration: 6 Weeks

Start Date

RTL Lint and CDC Course comprehensively covers Linting using Spyglass tool, which exhaustively checks various rules and flags errors/warnings for fixing. 

Synthesis, Signoff STA & LEC

Duration: 9 Weeks

Start Date: TBD

This VLSI course comprehensively covers the Sign off  static timing analysis, along with hands-on labs using Prime Time.

RTL Design Course

Duration: 16 Weeks

Start Date

RTL Design Course comprehensively covers the RTL Design along with lint, CDC checks with Synopsys SpyGlass Tool and Synthesis, STA, LEC using Design compiler, Prime Time and Formality Tools.

Live Online VLSI Courses (Full Time)

Online VLSI Courses (On Demand)

Why Choose ChipEdge ?

Comprehensive list of VLSI courses, from Design to Tape-out in both Analog and Digital domains.

Latest Synopsys Tools with individual Licenses for each Learner. Labs & Projects designed as per latest industry needs.


Best Trainers from industry with strong technical experience and currently working on latest technologies.


Complimentary Job Assistance Program without any extra cost, to help our Learners get jobs with leading VLSI Companies.


Learn on the go with Chipedge’s learning app. Access materials, attend live sessions anytime and anywhere.


Robust VLSI Lab with latest Synopsys Tools running on high end servers and high speed internet lines with 24×7 availability.

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