The Role of Layout Design Rules in VLSI

layout design rules in vlsi

According to an article published in the Times of India, Tamil Nadu is formulating a new policy that covers the manufacturing of advanced electronic products such as sensors, chipsets, and semiconductors. The miniaturization of transistors on integrated circuits (ICs) has been a defining force in the technological revolution. Very Large-scale integration (VLSI) places billions of […]

What is a Stick Diagram In VLSI?

What is a Stick Diagram In VLSI? A stick diagram in VLSI is a type of diagram that is used to lay out a transistor cell. The devices and conductors are represented by “sticks” or lines in stick diagrams. It is essential to define the direction and metalization of the power supply, ground, input, and […]

Fabrication process in VLSI

Fabrication process in VLSI

VLSI is a field that entails cramming ever-increasing numbers of logic devices into ever-smaller spaces. Circuits that would have taken up whole boards may now be packed into a small space only a few millimeters wide because of VLSI. This has provided a huge chance to achieve things that were before impossible. VLSI circuits are […]

Quick Introduction To VLSI Circuits And Systems

Introduction to VLSI circuits and systems

Quick Introduction To VLSI Circuits And Systems   The VLSI industry has expanded rapidly in India. According to the Electronics and IT Ministry, India’s semiconductor consumption is expected to increase to $70-80 billion by 2026 due to the growing demand for digital devices and electronic goods.    In the realm of electronics, VLSI (Very Large-Scale […]

The Science of Etching Process in the Semiconductor Industry

In the modern era of semiconductor manufacturing, where precision and miniaturization are key factors, the etching process plays a vital role. Etching is a sophisticated technique used to selectively remove layers of material from semiconductor wafers, enabling the creation of intricate circuit patterns. This article will delve into the art and science of the etching […]

What is Lithography in VLSI

A wide range of products like smart phones and electrical appliances are shrinking in size and becoming more useful, and they are already a part of our everyday life. Nikon’s semiconductor lithography technology is helping to shape the progress of semiconductors (semiconductor integrated circuits), which are critical components of these devices. Highly complicated circuit designs […]

Who Should Learn The Analog Design Training?

Analog layout design is based only the formation and how the circuits are basically designed to have the best circuit which could often be used by using the integrated circuit technology that could be amazed with the formation of the circuits in the form of polygons that is being designed by the circuit designers to hold […]

What Is A Carbon Nanotube Semiconductor?

A semiconductor is an electrically conductive substance that can also be turned off. This is a temperature-dependent feature incorporated into the material. Silicon is the most well-known semiconductor, since its ability to turn on and off allows it to store the binary states that make up contemporary computing. Carbon nanotubes are significant because their small […]

How 3D Integrated Circuits Work?

Integrated circuit (IC) was invented in 1958, allowing greater power to be compressed into a smaller space. A very effective replacement for buzzing vacuum tubes that is thousand times less powerful than a current laptop and 100 times smaller than the ENIAC of the 1940s. What are 3D Integrated Circuits? A three-dimensional integrated circuit (3D […]

Chip Shortage Creates New Power Players

Microchip technology has been working in an unexplored corner of the electronics industry since 1989, building microcontroller chips that provide computer capability to automations, industrial gadgets, and a variety of other items. The company’s profile has risen as a result of a global chip shortage. Microchip’s products account for more than half of the available […]