Get an Amazon gift voucher

ChipEdge has a referral program where you may refer your friends and win surprising Amazon vouchers.

How it works

Refer Your Friends

It's simple: just input their email addresses or your details with us.

Your Friends Enroll

Friends receive a 5% discount when they enroll in a course of their choice.

You Win a Gift Card

Receive Amazon vouchers automatically for each friend that enrolls.


Become a member of ChipEdge’s Refer and Earn program. You may recommend your friends one at a time by entering their email addresses or by sharing your referral links on social media or contact details.

Every friend who signs up as a result of your referral, earns you credit. Please keep in mind that the referral award is only available for friends/connections (referees) who sign up for ChipEdge for the first time and make the requisite minimum purchase within 15 days of your referral. Once the referee's money-back guarantee has expired, you will be able to collect the gift cards.

We keep track of your referrals via cookies and/or email. You will be entitled to receive the gift cards once your referee has been verified as new and has made the required transaction, and after the referee's money return guarantee has expired. Within 15 days of your qualifying, you should get the gift cards/vouchers by email.

No, you may either enter their email addresses or have them visit the ChipEdge website and finish the purchase using your referral link. Regardless of the promo code they use, you will be entitled to the referral credit.

No, anybody can participate in ChipEdge's Refer and Earn programme. The following terms and conditions apply.

No, you are only eligible for referral credit on the first transactions of friends/connections who have never used ChipEdge's services and whose information does not exist in ChipEdge's databases. ChipEdge will be the only judge of whether or not a referred individual is new and eligible.