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Welcome to the ChipEdge family! Introducing our exciting Refer and Earn program, designed exclusively for our valued learners. Spread the word about ChipEdge’s top-notch VLSI training and get rewarded for every successful referral. Refer friends, colleagues, or anyone interested in VLSI courses. On every successful referred enrollment, you will receive an Amazon gift voucher worth ₹2000.
Together, let’s build a strong community of VLSI enthusiasts and unlock a world of opportunities. Join now and embark on a rewarding journey with ChipEdge!

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It's simple: just input their email addresses or your details with us.

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Friends receive a 5% discount when they enroll in a course of their choice.

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Receive Amazon vouchers automatically for each friend that enrolls.

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Referring ChipEdge’s VLSI course to your friends can open up a promising career path in the VLSI industry for them. Additionally, each successful enrolment through your referral will reward you with a 2000 INR Amazon gift voucher, while your friends will receive an 5% discount on the course fees. There’s no limit to the number of friends you can refer, so seize the opportunity to help others and benefit yourself. Start referring today!
Anyone can refer friends to ChipEdge’s VLSI program, even if they haven’t attended any courses at ChipEdge themselves. There’s no requirement to have prior enrollment to participate in the referral program. So, whether you are a current student, an alumni, or someone entirely new to ChipEdge, you can refer your friends and relatives to explore the exciting opportunities in the VLSI industry. Start referring now and share the benefits of this program with others!
You can refer anytime! Whether you have just completed a course, are currently enrolled, or haven’t started yet, you are welcome to refer ChipEdge’s VLSI course to your friends and relatives. There are no restrictions on when you can make referrals, so feel free to do so at your convenience. Help others discover a rewarding career in VLSI while enjoying the benefits of the referral program.
To participate in the referral program, simply fill out the form with your details, click on “Next,” and then proceed to provide your friend’s or relative’s information in the subsequent section. Once you’ve filled in their details, click “Submit” to complete the referral process. It’s that easy! Start referring today and share the opportunity with your loved ones.
You will receive a 2000 INR Amazon gift voucher as a reward.

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