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Job Prospects in ASIC Design Verification

Job Prospects in ASIC Design Verification

One of the main fields in VLSI is VLSI Design Verification. Like many other fields in VLSI, this too requires technical and practical knowledge on various subject matters. VLSI provides a wide arena for career growth and opportunities as a Design Verification Engineer.


What is VLSI Design Verification

In simple terms, it deals with matching the design with the prerequisite specifications and requirements. Design Verification is similar to testing in the software industry. Verification vs Validation in VLSI deals with many factors involved in product development. 


Job Prospects

The VLSI Industry has a compelling scope as the electronics industry is witnessing efficacious growth and this is also seen by the many Job Prospects in RTL Design. This, in turn, has a positive effect on the design verification Industry. Trained engineers are in high demand in the field and the role of a DV Engineer is crucial.


The job prospects in the industry are varied and are plenty. ASIC Engineer, Design Verification Engineer, Soc Design and Verification Engineer, ASIC Hardware Verification Engineer, etc are some of the many jobs. The most popular job position in this industry is the Design Verification Engineer. For good job positions in the DV industry, one must have a strong skill set on numerous elements involved and a wide knowledge base. 


Design Verification Engineer

A design verification Engineer is responsible for working with the design team in order to verify the design requirements. The responsibilities will vary according to the company and the position. Verification is present at RTL block units, Sub-System and System levels. Some of the commonly expected requirements include skills in ASIC verification, a strong foundation in design techniques like Verilog, SystemVerilog, developing test cases, formal verification, knowledge of scripting Python, Shel, Perl, etc.


For most of the jobs for freshers, the requirements are not only having an Electronic Engineering background, nowadays a certificate course is made mandatory for acquiring positions in many companies in the industry. A VLSI DV engineer’s average salary can vary from around 8 lakhs p.a to 10 lakhs p.a. Salary is based on factors like experience, company, role in the company, etc.


A few of the many companies that are hiring for a Design Verification Engineer are Texas Instruments (India) Ltd, Qualcomm Technologies, and Wipro Limited.


For placements in the industry, it is crucial that you are equipped with the necessary and required skills. By enrolling in a  course for VLSI design verification you can be trained and furnished with robust technical skills. The ASIC course offered at ChipEdge is designed to cater to the needs of professionals, freshers, and students. ChipEdge provides its learners with online VLSI lab access and Synopsys Tools like VCS Suite to facilitate learning. With a constantly updated curriculum and expert trainers from the industry, Chipedge trains you to acquire and prepare for various job positions in the industry.  

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