Top VLSI Companies in Pune | Careers in VLSI in India

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Top VLSI Companies in Pune

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The Semiconductor/ Very Large-Scale Integration (VLSI) industry is growing in India. As the reliance on smart devices and technology increases day by day, the demand for Semiconductor and VLSI experts also increases rapidly. Today, almost all the top semiconductor corporations have operations in India. They hire a huge number of talented VLSI freshers who can do verification, physical design, testing, etc for their IP, SoC, and Chips. So, as a fresher, if you’re looking for a job in the VLSI industry, here are some of the best VLSI companies in Pune. 

Seagate Technology

Seagate Technology is one of the VLSI companies in Pune. It is an American data storage company that is a leader in mass data storage solutions. Currently, Seagate Technology is hiring VLSI experts for the roles of QA engineer, Provisioning engineer, VLSI engineering intern, VLSI design verification engineer, Research Engineer, and Physical design engineer in Pune. 

Visit Seagate Website


Cadence design systems is a leading EDA and Intelligent system design provider of software, hardware, and IP for electronic design. Currently, Cadence is hiring VLSI experts for the roles of Design engineer, (RTL)lead product engineer, and Principal design engineer in Pune.  

Visit Cadence Website


Softnautics is one of the VLSI companies in Pune. It is a product engineering solutions company specializing in VLSI, FPGA, and embedded system design services. Currently, Softnautics is hiring VLSI experts for the roles of Verification engineer, Multimedia analytics engineer, Media App and HAL engineer, Hardware design engineer, IoT and firmware engineer, Device security engineer, and DSP firmware expert in Pune. 

Visit Softnautics Website

Marvell Semiconductor

Marvell Technology Group Ltd. is an American company that develops and produces semiconductors and related technology. Currently, Marvell Semiconductor is hiring VLSI experts for the roles of Digital design engineer and design verification engineer in Pune. 

Visit Marvell Website

Imagination Technologies

Imagination Technologies Group plc is a British semiconductor and software design company. It is one of the VLSI companies in Pune. Currently, Imagination Technologies is hiring VLSI experts for the roles of Hardware verification engineer and software engineer in Pune. 

Visit Imaginationtech Website

Thus, these are some of the best VLSI companies in Pune. As a fresher, you need to utilize all kinds of opportunities in the VLSI space to grow as an experienced VLSI engineer and build a long-term career in the semiconductor industry. So, if you’re planning to start a career in the VLSI semiconductor industry, you need to have a better understanding of fundamentals and growth opportunities in the VLSI domain. This is why we, at ChipEdge, are determined to help students, graduates, and professionals become highly skilled VLSI engineers. With expert VLSI trainers with more than 10+ years of industry experience, state-of-the-art facilities, industry-standard tools, and a curriculum constantly updated to reflect the requirements of hiring companies, ChipEdge is helping the semiconductor industry worldwide to meet the enlarged demand for chip design experts. 

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