VLSI and Embedded Systems: All You Need to Know

VLSI and Embedded Systems: All You Need to Know

Amongst the various technological upgrades and innovations, VLSI and embedded systems are two of the most growing sectors of the tech industry. VLSI and embedded systems are interrelated but entirely different courses. VLSI includes the IC fabrication and design process of chips and embedded systems that deals with the smooth performance of the hardware at different stages.

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How are VLSI and embedded systems interrelated but different?

VLSI and embedded systems both deal with coding but have a lot of differences in their application.

 VLSI concerns about the hardware design language (HDL) like VHDL and Verilog which helps to decode the digital components in terms of lines of code. This program deals with designing procedures of integrated circuits. By combining numerous MOS transistors onto a single chip. Designs of computational elements like processors, buses, and memory compositions are some of the examples associated with VLSI applications.

VLSI is a broader term containing a package of several courses and programs such as RTL design, Physical design, and ASIC design verification

While embedded systems help with the complex functionality of the computational elements, It also deals with software programming like C, C++ to write efficient codes with the lowest memory consumption. It concerns more about memory management of the device. The processors designed with VLSI are applied in devices like water sensor systems, computers, automotive fields or smart cars, etc. There are three main areas in the embedded system- system analyst, system designer, and test engineer.

Basically, the products devised with effective implementation of embedded systems contain the VLSI chips for efficient working.

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Job opportunities

With the emerging opportunities in the tech sector, there are a lot of firms that are looking for VLSI and embedded engineers to sustain their feet in the market. Perse, the development of smart cars, home automation, and food industrial machines are creating demand for the practical skillset of VLSI and embedded systems.

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