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Job Opportunities In VLSI

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VLSI, also called Very Large Scale Integration, refers to the procedures involved in integrated circuit design. Are you on the lookout for a job in the semiconductor industry? There are many job opportunities in VLSI. There’s the matter of learning about the work and the potential in the VLSI sector.  This offers industrial expansion potential. VLSI is considered as one of the most promising careers for students coming from technical educational backgrounds. Hence, VLSI jobs for freshers are in huge demand. VLSI career opportunities are in VLSI firms, like other sectors, are looking for new talent and ideas to join their ranks.

However, there are a few things to consider before pursuing this sector as a career.

Let us explore more about VLSI jobs for freshers and how you can start your career in the VLSI field. 

Why VLSI as a career?

Undoubtedly, VLSI is a highly sophisticated area. This field is entirely dedicated to cramming millions of transistors into a compact container. Almost every area of the business now makes use of VLSI knowledge. Chips for electronic devices are manufactured in massive quantities by VLSI businesses. These VSLI chips may now be found in almost every gadget. Chips may be found in a variety of places, including your television and cell phone. Every electrical gadget you possess contains at least one chip. They’ve become a part of our daily lives. Amplifiers, filters, sensors, data converters, phase-locked loops, processors, and power management devices are all examples of VLSI designs.

With technologies getting advanced every single day, electronic gadgets are found everywhere and with this advancement, VLSI jobs for freshers are available in huge numbers. From automobiles to home appliances, computers, machines, etc. VLSI has a  wide range of uses. Therefore, the demand for VLSI engineers is also high. If you choose VLSI as your career, you will never be disappointed given the fact that you have a  love for electronics and to get started choose chip design course at ChipEdge. VLSI Physical design course helps in getting started in making a career in VLSI. VLSI jobs for freshers and experienced candidates are in high demand than ever before. 

What are the types of VLSI Jobs available for freshers?

There are a wide range of job opportunities for freshers in the VLSI industry. Here is a list of VLSI jobs for freshers:

Product / Service Semiconductor Companies

VLSI Jobs in Digital Flow

  1. RTL Design Engineer
  2. FPGA Design Engineer
  3. Design Verification Engineer
  4. Synthesis,STA Engineer
  5. DFT Engineer
  6. Physical Design Engineer
  7. Physical Verification Engineer
  8. Power Analysis Engineer
  9. Post Silicon Validation Engineer (also called as ATE /Test Engineer) 
  10. Methodology/CAD Engineer

VLSI Jobs in Analog Flow

  1. Analog Circuit Design Engineer
  2. Analog Layout Design Engineer
  3. Memory Design Engineer
  4. Memory Layout Design Engineer
  5. IO Design Engineer
  6. IO Layout Design Engineer
  7. AMS (Analog Mixed Signal) Design Engineer
  8. AMS Verification Engineer

Jobs with EDA Companies

  1. R&D Engineer
  2. Product Engineer
  3. Validation Engineer
  4. Corporate / Field Application Engineer (CAE/FAE)
  5. Application Engineer Technical Support
  6. Validation Engineer

Jobs in Chip Manufacturing Foundries

  1. FAB or Foundry Engineer
  2. Field Application Engineer
  3. Library Developer
  4. Library Validation Engineer
  5. Reliability Engineer

Eligibility Criteria

VLSI industries generally hire students from branches like BTech in ECE/EEE/Telecom/Instrumentation, computer science or (VLSI/embedded/Power electronics/Digital Electronics/Digital Communication..etc) Graduates . An ideal candidate for VLSI must have strong fundamental knowledge in the following subjects:

  1. Basic electrical engineer
  2. Basic electronics
  3. Analog electronic circuitsDigital design using verilog
  4. Network analysis.
  5. Fundamentals of CMOS VLSI design
  6. Semiconductor Device Physics
  7. Programming language like system verilog for some jobs like Verification, but not for all


VLSI is a rapidly growing industry where freshers and experienced VLSI professionals are in huge demand right now. Chipedge, being one of the best VLSI institutes in India, offers VLSI online courses with certificate in VLSI training with an experienced teaching faculty and synopsys tools. This VLSI training institute will equip you with the right skills needed to excel in this sector. Chipedge provides students with necessary skills by providing access to the online VLSI Lab, and also placement assistance without any extra cost.


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