Physical Design

VLSI Physical Design Online Course using Synopsys tools IC, Compiler 2, Prime Time, StartRC, IC Validator, with Online VLSI Lac Access.

VLSI  Physical Design Training has evolved as a complex specialization in VLSI and in-demand skill for the last 2 decades.  VLSI Design cycle involves preparing the design for fabrication at a selected foundry (TSMC, Global Foundries, SAMSUNG ..), with a specific technology node (10nm, 7nm..). This process involves several steps including Synthesis, floor plan, power plan, placement, clock tree synthesis, routing, static timing analysis, Timing optimization and ends with delivering GDSII files to the foundry after doing all sign-off checks.

Physical Design training will give decent exposure to physical design concepts, techniques, along with hands-on labs using Synopsys tools and multiple projects at the end.

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VLSI Physical Design Course for beginners is designed as per industry requirements and delivered by experts from VLSI Industry, who are currently working on the latest technologies.

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