Job Opportunities in VLSI and Embedded Systems

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Job Opportunities in VLSI and Embedded Systems

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Working in the core industry is a dream of any engineering student. For an electronics engineer the core industries include VLSI and Embedded systems.  But to get job opportunities in these industries one has to be very skilled with a good understanding of fundamentals and practical approach. Industry expects engineers to be acquainted with knowledge of using industry standard EDA tools.  

As the Make In India programme is thriving in India, there are a lot of manufacturers moving to India to establish their firm here. India spends billions of dollars every year to bring electronics consumer devices to India. VLSI and Embedded systems play a major role in electronics consumer devices. Hence, VLSI and embedded systems are upcoming domains in India.   There is going to be a huge skill gap in these two domains. 

Most of the electronics manufacturing industry will need Embedded and VLSI engineers in bulk to sustain the need in the market. But the study pattern in Indian Colleges and universities are not as par for producing quality engineers in these fields. 

As these two domains need the knowledge of analog circuits, digital circuits and need to understand the aspects of data flow and timing, it’s mostly open only to students with an Electronics background.  Hence job opportunities are more for them. 

The essence of VLSI and embedded is in practical product development, practical  mindset is more important than theoretical knowledge. Indian and most universities focus on giving theoretical knowledge to people, instead of core practical and development skills to develop their career.  That is the only biggest barrier today in India for students to enter into VLSI and embedded field.

Hence to acquire practical knowledge in these domains a certificate course is must. Any graduate who would have studied the basics of electronics is  eligible to do a course in VLSI or Embedded Systems. Engineering graduate in Electronics and Communication, Electrical and Electronics, MTech in Electronics domains, MCA and BSC electronics students are eligible for doing the courses.  

Broadly there are three domains in Embedded systems : System Analyst, System Designer and Test Engineer. 

There are various positions in VLSI Industry like, RTL Design, Design Verification, Analog layout Design, Synthesis, STA, Physical Design, Design for Test and Physical Verification.  

ChipEdge Technologies offers courses in all of these domains. Trainers at ChipEdge Technologies have 10 to 20 years of experience and are passionate to teach and share the knowledge and skills required to make trainees successful. Synopsys EDA tools are used for all the courses with VPN access facility so that students can use the tools from home. 

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  1. Good Morning,
    I am Vani, I have completed Btch in EEE(2013) after long gap I started post graduate, doing Mtech in VLSI & Embedded systems. I have 4 years work experience, irrelevant work experience. To restart my career in VLSI & Embedded field, which courses are available, what is the duration and fees. please let us know the above details, and let me know, after completing the course, do you offer/support for new jobs to get in core.


  2. Hi Venkat, Your article is found to be informative. This explains the prominence of working in the core industry and the value of VLSI and embedded engineers in the industry.

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