The Future of the VLSI Industry: Growth and Career Options

future of vlsi industry

Before delving into the future of the VLSI Industry, it’s quite important to understand what VLSI stands for. VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration)  is a method of building an Integrated Circuit, with numerous MOS transistors into a single silicon chip. In simple terms, VLSI is about designing and manufacturing integrated circuits for all different types […]

Moore’s Law and Transistor Scaling

moore's law

Imagine a time when a computer occupied an entire room, and then imagine the audacious notion that it could one day fit in your pocket. This is the tale of Moore’s Law, a prophecy that defied the limits of imagination and continues to shape the world of VLSI technology. A Glimpse into the Past: The […]

A Guide to VLSI Interview Questions: Boost Your Career

Are you aspiring to build a successful career in the field of VLSI? With the increasing demand for VLSI professionals in the semiconductor industry, it’s crucial to be well-prepared for VLSI interviews. In this article, we will explore some important VLSI interview questions to help you ace your next interview. As a leading VLSI training […]

Career Planning and Development in VLSI: Unlocking Opportunities

Career Planning and Development in VLSI: Unlocking Opportunities with Chipedge In the fast-paced world of technology, the field of VLSI stands at the forefront of innovation. As the demand for advanced electronic systems and chips continues to soar, a career in VLSI offers tremendous growth prospects. Chipedge, a leading VLSI training institute, equips aspiring engineers […]

How to Upskill Yourself in VLSI Industry: A Comprehensive Guide

The VLSI industry is constantly evolving, driven by technological advancements and increasing demand for smaller, faster, and more efficient electronic devices. Staying relevant and up-to-date with the latest skills and knowledge is crucial for professionals looking to succeed in this competitive field. Chipedge, a leading VLSI training institute, understands the significance of continuous learning and […]

Design Hierarchy In VLSI

The hierarchy approach, sometimes known as the “divide and conquer” strategy, is breaking a module down into smaller units and then repeating the process on those units until the complexity of the smaller portions is manageable. This method is often very comparable to software development, where complex programs are divided into smaller and smaller portions […]

An Exposition on What is VLSI technology?

VLSI or Very-large-scale integration, is the process of embedding multiple transistors on a Silicon Semiconductor Microchip. The technology began in the late 1970s when computer chips were also in the initial stages. The most popularly used VLSI devices are the Microprocessor and Microcontroller. Before the VLSI innovation, most Integrated Circuits had a restricted arrangement of […]

Master the Art Of VLSI Circuits

The method of building an integrated circuit (IC) by fitting thousands of transistors onto a single chip is known as VLSI (very large-scale integration). When sophisticated semiconductor and communication technologies were being developed in the 1970s, VLSI had its start. A VLSI device serves as the microprocessor. Prior to the development of VLSI technology, the […]

Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) in Embedded Systems

Application Specific Integrated Circuit, also called ASIC, is a type of Integrated Circuit built for a specific application. The use of ASIC is instrumental for improving speed and reliability; ASIC has been specifically designed to do one purpose or do a specific task. It can also be miniaturised and consumes less power. One of the […]

CMOS Design: What You Must Know

Numerous semiconductor devices have seen significant scalability due to CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) VLSI design. Packages have been made smaller while maintaining affordable pricing as a result of CMOS technology combined with VLSI. Although CMOS technology is not as compact and dense as FinFET, it still plays a significant role at older technology nodes and is […]

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