The Scope of RTL Design & Verification in VLSI Designs and Career opportunities

RTL Design engineer is responsible for defining and micro-architecting digital blocks in advanced mixed signal circuits. They are in charge of  coding RTL  blocks. By creating relevant assertions, debugging code, and communicating often with the design verification team, RTL Design Verifications contribute in the design verification and bring-up of such blocks. They help setting up such circuits by developing test scripts, evaluating test results, modifying test scenarios, and so on.

Demand for qualified RTL Design engineers is increasing everyday as the industry grows swiftly. Companies are scouring globally for bright engineers. RTL Design engineers are needed by both product and service firms. However with the recent trend, engineers in product companies are finding more challenging and fascinating responsibilities in terms of design. RTL design engineers can expect an average pay of 6-20 lacs with  2- 5 years of experience.