“Success Stories” and “Placement Update” for recently completed DFT Course in Nov,2016

  Congratulations Sandhya, Setu, Mallesh, Shashank, Punit, Ranjitha, Verru, Shiva, Chandrashekar for your new career in DFT. Sandhya, Punit , Setu, Mallesh & Shashank successfully switched to DFT roles from ATE /Test Engineer/Post-Silicon Validation roles. Where ChndraShekar and Shiva successfully moved from their academic career to Core industry roles. Being freshers , Veeranju and Ranjitha have shown

Congratulations Ranjitha for getting placed as DFT Intern with Graphene Semiconductor

Many Congratulations Ranjitha.   Ranjitha was a M-Tech fresher and looking for  VLSI opportunities. She came to know about ChipEdge’s DFT course and decided to join the course. She was very active in learning new things, always interested to improved her technical knowledge. She got few interview chances through ChipEdge, and within 15days after completion of the

DFT Placement Update from recently finished batch in Nov, 2016

Congratulations Veeranjaneyulu for getting placed as DFT Engineer.   Veeranjaneyulu was a fresher and looking forward to start his career in VLSI Industry. He decided to join ChipEdge’s DFT course (Sept-Dec Batch). He was very enthusiastic and energetic during the course to learn new things and to explore himself. After completion of the course, he was

DFT Placement Update for 3rd Batch (Sept-Nov, 2016)

Congratulations Mallesh & Sandhya for getting placed as DFT Engineer. Mallesh was working as Post Silicon Validation Engineer and Sandhya was working as Test Engineer. Both of them wanted to switch to DFT for career growth. They got to know about ChipEdge’s DFT Course and made a right decision of joining the course. Mallesh got

DFT Testimonials, 3rd batch(Sept-Nov, 2016)

Read what engineers are saying about the quality of the course, particularly about the trainer and his expertise. And how he made learning effective, with better examples and teaching from his experience. Also our engineers got into DFT roles during the course itself.                  

DFT Placement Update

Congratulations Hardik, Sahdev, Jay, Vivek, Shruthi, Dipu, Chakradhar for getting placed as DFT Engineer. ChipEdge’s unique and high quality DFT training, has helped all above engineers to clear the interviews easily and get placed. Thanks to our DFT trainer for his quality and effective teaching with lots of examples and good projects. Wish you all

Vevek, 1+ year experience in FPGA domain and successfully switched to DFT job

I have completed B-Tech (ECE) in 2014 and started my career in Defence Organization as a contract Engineer in FPGA Domain. After working for 1.5 years, I wanted to switch to VLSI Industry for growth and job satisfaction.  As I started exploring, I came across ChipEdge weekend courses and they have suggested to switch to

Placement update for Physical design course 9th batch – July to Oct 2016

Many Congratulations to Joshi, Ghosh, Navyakranth, Ravi, Shashi, Guru for getting placed as Physical Design Engineer.  Joshi and Ghosh has successfully changed their domain from Layout to PD, whereas Ravi has worked in Networking and moved to PD role.  Guru has worked in FPGA domain. Navyakranth has worked intern for 6months and got opportunity to stat his career as PD