At ChipEdge, we ensure that our students get placed in the leading companies
and have the best possible opportunities for a great career
in the VLSI industry.

At ChipEdge, we consider making our students succeed in entering into VLSI Industry as our primary responsibility. With a core team of experts with a combined experience of more than 85+ years in VLSI, the ChipEdge placement process is designed to provide the maximum opportunities for students to unlock their potential in VLSI.

Student Name Course Company
Jaganath Singh M DFT Pozibility Technologies
Anushree M DFT Pozibility Technologies
Battula Ajaykumar Physical Design Moslogi Technologies
Dhanujay Rao M Physical Design Moslogi Technologies
Andrews N V Physical Design Moslogi Technologies
Dhyan Praksh Design Verification Samsung
Mrudula Design Verification Synopsys
Yamini Design Verification Naxvy Tech
Rohit Design Verification Samsung
KRSIHNA LOKRE Design Verification Innovative Logic Design
ANANTHAN Design Verification Innovative Logic Design
S.TAJ Design Verification Innovative Logic Design
SANTHAPURI HARI Design Verification Atria Logic
Sivani DFT Mediatek
Karthik DFT Mediatek
Vasantham Sudhakar DFT Mediatek
Srinivasa Rao DFT Mediatek
Fiona Nikhita Pinto Design Verification Happyminds Technologies
Ramchandra Sekhar DFT Mediatek
Rashmi Umesh Patagar Physical Design Insemi Tech
Shruthi Rajan Design Verification AMD
Hemaa Analog Layout iRunway
Shreedhar Analog Layout iRunway
Nitish Analog Layout iRunway
Kechanagouda Physical Design iRunway
Varun DFT Altran
Aduthya DFT Altran
Vidya Hedge Analog Layout Chipspirit
Manju Analog Layout Greensemi
Pilli Daniel Philip Moses Analog Layout JGD Tech
R. Lokeshreddy Analog Layout JGD Tech
Sushmita DFT L & T
Bindu Physical Design Signoff Semi
Ramya Physical Design Synopsys
Kiran Design Verification Synapse
Sarika Design Verification Synapse
SRikanth Physical Design Altran
Venkateshwaralu Analog Layout Tessolve
M Chakradhara Babu Analog Layout Sugoitech
Nandeesh Analog Layout Blackpepper
Kumar Reddy Physical Design DIGMICOM
Anil Kumar Swain Physical Design Cadence
Rajesh Navuluri Analog Layout Gatelength
Bhavya Physical Design Altran
Sashank Akula Analog Layout Altran
Ashish Mahadu Sontakke Physical Design SYNAPSE
Swathi Siddhanti DFT INCISE
Rahul Harali Physical Design SYNAPSE
Fazal Hassan Analog Layout UST Global
Bhaskar Reddy Boggala Analog Layout UST Global
Gargi Deshmukh Physical Design Intel
Viresh gavai Analog Layout LeadIC
Nanda Khanapur DFT Media Tek
Gadde Srikiran DFT Media Tek
Bandreddi Venkateshwar Rao Physical Design Aricent
Kishor Naik S Physical Design Aricent
Manoj Chowdary Physical Design Aricent
Payam Nagesh Physical Design Aricent
Podila Keerthi Physical Design Aricent
Praveen chennam Physical Design Aricent
Juturu Muruli Shankar Physical Design Aricent
Shreyas BK Physical Design Aricent
Jagan Physical Design Wipro
Navyatha Physical Design Altran
Surabhi R Physical Design Aricent
Abhishek Physical Design Aricent
Sneha Rathod Physical Design Exiger
Neeraj Sharma Physical Design Black Pepper
Chaitrashree Analog Layout JGD Tech
Prathamesh Kulkarni Analog Layout JGD Tech
Shubha P S Analog Layout SibotTechnologies
Hemavathy B Physical Design Aricent
Suman Physical Design Aricent
Jithesh R Physical Design Laksh Semi
Anushree Chandran K Physical Design SYNAPSE
Shivaraju M A Physical Design SYNAPSE
Satyajit Physical Design Ambit
Harshi Tomar Physical Design UST Global
Ayushi Physical Design Synapse
Madasu Madhuri Physical Design Synapse
N Kumar Reddy DFT Samsung
Bhaskar M DFT Samsung
Abhinav DFT Samsung
Vaishnavi Brahmasamudram Analog Layout Lead IC
Meghana D Physical Design Incise
Ashish Kumar Singh DFT Incise
Vishal Kumar Singh Analog Layout Exiger
Santhosh Kumar Boja Physical Design Digicom
Sagar Daf DFT Blackpepper
V.V Santosh Gupta Physical Design Samsung
Sanketh A Physical Design Altran
Ashok Analog Layout Synopsys
Manoj Kumar Physical Design Synapse
Venkat Raghav Physical Design Synapse
Vishnu Shankar Physical Design Synapse
Satyanarayana Y Analog Layout Lead IC
Chaithra Bk DFT Incise
Chandan G N DFT Incise
Shubham Choudhary DFT Eximius
Manoj Kumar DFT Eximius
Venkat Raghav DFT Eximius
Vishnu Shankar Analog Layout Elevego Circuits
Satyanarayana Y Analog Layout Aricent
Chaithra Bk Physical Design AMBIT
Chandan G N Physical Design AMBIT
Shubham Choudhary Physical Design AMBIT
Pradeep Pasula Analog Layout Altran
Aparajita DFT Ambit
Venkat Raghav DFT Eximius
Shailaja Edappagouda Kalmani DFT Aricent
A Venkata Sai Suma DFT Cerium
Shruti K. Hegde DFT Cerium
Aishwarya Ramachandrappa DFT Graphene
Asha M C DFT Graphene
Sowmya DFT Graphene
Ashok DFT Eximius
Sanketh A DFT Incise
Ismail Mohammed DFT Synapse
V.V. Santosh GuptaChanni DFT Incise
Ashwin Santhosh DFT Samsung
Godithi Lakshmi Aruna Santhi DFT Pozibility
Dara Surya Padmakar DFT Pozibility
Gonugunta Vyshnavi Devi DFT Samsung
Divyanshi Patel DFT Eximius
Divyashree K.J DFT Altran
Dhanu Shree V DFT Altran
Motamarri Hemanth Kumar Physical Design Laksh Semi
Keethi Kalyan Appala Physical Design Laksh Semi
Tavisi Sarvan Kumar Physical Design Laksh Semi
P Sai harish Srinivasulu Physical Design Laksh Semi
Srikanta Maddara Physical Design Laskh Semi
Rajesh Venkatesh S Physical Design Laksh Semi
Saidi Reddy Nookala Physical Design Laksh Semi
Zeba Fathima Physical Design Altran
Preeti G.M Physical Design Altran
Rajesh Swamy Phisical Design Pozibility
Mahantesh Nelavigi Physical Design Sankalp
Amruta Kabade Physical Design UST Global
Dharmashree N.S Physical Design UST Global
Hemalatha Physical Design Eximius
Yogeesh K.V Physical Design UST Global
Deepakshi Physical Design UST Global
Khyatee Physical Design UST Global
Girish Kumar Balicetty Physical Design Aricent
Podila Abhishek Physical Design Laksh Semi
Ashish Sonatakee Physical Design Synapse
Shiva Raju M.A Physical Design Synapse
Pradeep P Physical Design Altran
Vishal Kuamr Singh Physical Design Synapse
Atchaya Panchanathan Physical Design Aricent
Anjana H.S Physical Design Aricent
Myla Lokesh Physical Design Aricent

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