What is Polymorphism in SystemVerilog?

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What is Polymorphism in SystemVerilog?

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Polymorphism is an object-oriented programming language feature that allows a specific routine to use variables of different types at different times. Polymorphism in SystemVerilog is the ability for the same code to behave differently depending on the kind of Object with which it is dealing. This is a fundamental concept in every Object Oriented Programming language. Polymorphism in SystemVerilog is another important aspect of any OOPs in system Verilog. Polymorphism allows the same piece of code to behave differently depending on the type of object it is working with.

You must be aware of the fundamentals of the class data type and the history of OOP. OOP is a tried-and-true paradigm for creating abstract, reusable, and manageable software code. Classes are used to represent reusable verification environments, as well as the abstract data and methods that interact with them. Inheritance allows for reuse. All of the existing attributes and methods of an initial base (or super) class are handed on to the newly generated class, known as an extended (or derived) class.

What is the Application of Polymorphism in SystemVerilog?

A popular use of polymorphism in SystemVerilog, using both virtual and non-virtual methods, combines inheritance with deep-copy () and the creation of a new object to produce what is known as a clone (). A clone () function returns a handle to a new object that is a deep duplicate of the caller object. Since it’s virtual, it doesn’t care if it’s working with a base class object or one of its descendants.

Polymorphism in SystemVerilog allows an item to take on several forms. The super-class method handle can be changed to refer to the subclass method, allowing for polymorphism or several versions of the same function.


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