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Professional VLSI Courses (Weekend)

Looking for the best VLSI training institute in Bangalore? Every new and advanced appliance or device requires VLSI technology to function and thus VLSI has ample scope and growth potential, both currently and in the future. A graduate degree in Electronics alone does not make you a professional in this sector unless you have undergone proper training with theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge. As the Best TrainingVLSI training institute in Bangalore, Chipedge can make it possible for you. With us, you can get Skilled to build the Breadth & Depth in VLSI and Stay Relevant & Competitive. Learn from Technical Experts with 10-20 yrs of Solid Domain Experience and Currently Working!!
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expert trainers

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Placement Assistance

expert trainers

Expert Trainers

Upcoming Professionals VLSI Courses

Physical Design

Duration: 4 Months

Start Date: 19th February 2023

VLSI Design cycle involves preparing the design for fabrication at a selected foundry (TSMC, Global foundries ..), with a specific technology node (10nm, 7nm..).

Admissions Closes on 12th February 2023

Design For Test (DFT)

Duration: 4 Months

Start Date: 25th February 2023

Design For Testability is a specialization in the SOC design cycle, which facilitates design for detecting manufacturing defects.  With the increase in size & complexity of chips.

Admissions Closes on 11th February 2023

ASIC Design Verification

Duration: 4 Months

Start Date: 5th March 2023

This design verification course is designed and is delivered by practicing experts in Verification, as per the industry requirements.

Admissions Closes on 26th February 2023

vlsi training institute - RTL Lint

RTL Lint and CDC checks using Spyglass

Duration: 6 Weeks

Start Date: TBD

RTL Lint and CDC Course comprehensively covers Linting using Spyglass tool, which exhaustively checks various rules and flags errors/warnings for fixing. 

Synthesis, Signoff STA & LEC

Duration: 9 Weeks

Start Date: TBD

This VLSI course comprehensively covers the Sign off  static timing analysis, along with hands-on labs using Prime Time.

RTL Design Course

Duration: 4 Months

Start Date: TBD

RTL Design Course comprehensively covers the RTL Design along with lint, CDC checks with Synopsys SpyGlass Tool and Synthesis, STA, LEC using Design compiler, Prime Time and Formality Tools.

Training Delivery Model

  • Instructor-Led Live Online sessions.
  • Each topic is followed by hands-on lab sessions with VLSI tools.
  • All sessions (Lecture & Lab) will be recorded to view at a later time
  • Closed group support with Trainers on WhatsApp.

Tools to be used

As the best VLSI training institute in Bangalore, ChipEdge uses the latest versions of Synopsys tools for the courses, Each Learner gets a dedicated license during labs.


Timings for Sessions from Industry Experts: 9:30 am to 1 pm (Saturday & Sunday)

For Freshers:

Additional Assistance on Labs, Assignments & Technical topics during Monday to Friday

Why Choose ChipEdge ?

Industry Relevant Courses
Comprehensive list of VLSI courses, from Design to Tape-out in both Analog and Digital domains.
Synopsys Tools

Latest Synopsys Tools with individual Licenses for each Learner. Labs & Projects designed as per latest industry needs.

Expert Trainers

Best Trainers from industry with strong technical experience and currently working on latest technologies.

Placement Assistance

Complimentary Job Assistance Program without any extra cost, to help our Learners get jobs with leading VLSI Companies.

Learning App

Learn on the go with Chipedge’s learning app. Access materials, attend live sessions anytime and anywhere.

Online VLSI Lab

Robust VLSI Lab with latest Synopsys Tools running on high end servers and high speed internet lines with 24×7 availability.

Placement Assistance

Our Placement Desk works closely with the leading VLSI companies to meet their entry-level skilled engineer hiring needs and arranges interview opportunities for our trained engineers. The Hiring companies include both MNC and Service Companies.

As the best VLSI training institute in Bangalore, we have an excellent placement record. The Placement Desk has emerged as a favored destination for many organizations who come back year after year to recruit fresh talent nurtured at ChipEdge. For more information, please speak to our Learning Advisor.

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Service Companies Include intel, synopsys, mediatek, Aricent, Altran, Sankalp Semi, Synapse, Cerium, Cientra, Tessolve, Alten, Cyient, Signoff Semiconductors Etc.
As the best VLSI training institute in Bangalore, all Our Trainers Have 10-20 Years Of Experience In The VLSI Industry. They Are Selected For Their Domain Expertise, Passion For Sharing Knowledge As Well As Excellent Teaching Skills.
We use 28nm libraries for labs, projects. We use the latest and genuine versions of Synopsys Tools for our courses. please check the course pages, for the list of tools used for that course. We provide a dedicated tool license for every trainee during the lab/project work. This is the biggest advantage of taking a course from the best VLSI institute in Bangalore, as quality and standard EDA/VLSI tools are important for any VLSI course. And these tools are typically very costly ranging from $50,000 to $200,000 per license per year. Many service/product companies cannot afford these tools. Thanks to the EDA/Tool companies for giving these tools at subsidized & affordable rates to training companies, so that engineers can get trained on these tools.
Providing real-time projects is not feasible in a VLSI Training environment. The projects we provide are of similar complexity but of a medium size as executed in the industry. For Learning purposes, these projects are good enough. Many working professionals & students achieved success, by working on these projects.
Recording of live classes are available as demo sessions, which are published on the website. If you need further details, we can provide another sample video as a demo session.