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What is Floor Planning in VLSI

The VLSI era of Integrated Circuits (IC) began in the 1970s when thousands of transistors were integrated into a single chip. More than a billion transistors can now be integrated into a single device. With the rapid advancement in chip development, design complexity has increased rapidly, and the number of transistors in a chip has reached beyond. Floor planning is the first step in the physical design flow. VLSI Physical Design is the process of building memory chips and microprocessors that consist of millions of transistors. Technological advancement demands effective means to manage highly complex circuitry. Floor Planning involves determining the location, shape, and size of modules in a way that one can avoid congestion.  Floor Planning is a quintessential step which decides the layout of the VLSI design. A well-optimized floor planning allows an ASIC design that has higher performance. Floor planning is quite challenging as it deals with placements and ground structure.

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The design of VLSI components is a computationally demanding process, and computers are used to verify the correctness of a circuit design. In layman’s terms, VLSI floor Planning design can be best explained by an analogy of kitchen planning. Imagine your kitchen and how various pieces of furniture would be arranged. The stove has to be near the refrigerator and utensils, and the sink near where you can place utensils for storage. Ingredients and salt near the stove for ease of use. These components are different, varying in size and shape. These elements are arranged for maximum optimization, allowing space to move around while keeping each piece accessible. Even in design, components are arranged for maximum optimization.


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