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Our 2 day workshops are designed to give a flavor of industry oriented VLSI training on selected subject, by making the students do hands on labs with the tools available in the college.  In fact 2 days is very short time, to cover any subject along with labs particularly at college level; but students do not have much time, as their regular academics takes most of their time.

Instead of  not having altogether, decided to show the flavor of  VLSI training from industry perspective and by teaching usage of VLSI tools. This would help the interested students, to plan their VLSI career. Here is the list of 2 day workshops, including the advanced.

2 day VLSI workshops

  • Advanced Digital Design using Verilog
  • Logic Verification using Verilog
  • FPGA Design
  • Analog Circuit Design
  • Analog Circuit Layout


As part of academic course work, the students should have completed the subjects like “Digital Logic Design”, “Digital Design using Verilog/VHDL”, “CMOS VLSI design”, “Analog and Mixed Mode VLSI Design”

Advanced 2 day VLSI Workshops:

  • Synthesis
  • Static Timing Analysis
  • Physical Design
  • DFT (Design For Test)
  • Low Power Design Techniques


The Participants either have attended regular 2-3 day workshops on relevant topics or conversant with the content of these workshops either in analog or digital stream.

Fee:   Rs 600 per student / day

The final price could vary, as couple of factors would affect our cost which include

  1. Location of your college, to estimate the travel cost & time of our trainers.
  2. Number of participants. We need at least 40 participants for student courses.
Please contact us with your details (preferred topic, no.of participants, location of college, weekend/weekday delivery ..etc) and we will design a program for you and provide the final fee details.