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I joined this course to learn Physical Design, which totally meets my expectations. The course was very helpful for clearing the concepts.Trainer was very good, have lots of knowledge to share & very friendly. Slides were very good and easy to understand. thanks for providing this course
author-img - Srivatsava
2.5 years of Physical Verification and switched to PD after training
Was expecting only few concepts but it was exceeded. Trainer is best especially his sharing of experience. The course met my expectations, confident enough to crack interview.
author-img - Lay Desai
M.tech(VLSI) from VIT with Internship at Intel. Joined as PD Engineer in Microsemi
The course covered in depth block level and hands on. Trainer is very helpful and has lots of practical expertise in handling the course.
author-img - Chand
Sr.Engineer, ARM with 10+ yrs experience
Learnt many things especially from industry perspective.  And got to know expectation of industry. Quality was very good of training program and got understanding of actual technologies and challenges in industry.
author-img - Anand Ganesh
1+ yrs of IT experience in IBM. Joined as PD Engineer in Graphene Semiconductors
Course meets my expectations. This type of professional industry oriented course is rare to find and VPN facility was really a good add on
author-img - Anonymous
10+ yrs of exp  in Timing Closure and working with QUALCOMM. Joined the course to learn hands on PD
Trainer is excellent. Explained concepts very well. Full filled expectations regarding knowledge.
author-img - Ankush Nikam
M.tech from NIT, Nagpur. Joined as intern in PD at AMD
The training was good and was full-fledged with the experience and PD knowledge. The experience was good and was benefited so much, it is really going to help me in making future in the field I want to go.
author-img - Rakesh
M.tech Fresher and got PD job after training
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This course meets my expectations. Trainer never hesitate to explain the concepts multiple times. He is very much focused on the design flow rather than tool flow. He made us to work on any tool. Arrangements are fine. Assignments made us to work continuously without the break. Definitely i will take advanced layout courses if it is available.
author-img - Prem K
3 years in PCB design and signal integrity,  Switched to VLSI as Analog Layout Engineer at INTEL
The course is well planned and executed. Experienced real-time training, from the Trainer having rich industry experience and tremendous knowledge. Trainers is brilliant in explaining the concepts with individual care.

Lab facility through VPN helped a lot. Management showed dedication and involvement, in arranging the lab facilities, tool access. Course material is simple in understanding and rich in concepts. Be it technical question or some logistics issue, Received good support from management, Trainer through group mail as well as over phone

author-img - Maheswar Reddy
2.5 years’ experience in PCB designing, Switched to VLSI as Analog layout Engineer at INTEL
The topics are covered and presented in an outstanding form. Extremely happy with the teaching. repeated coverage of the topic till we are clear. explaining the concepts from the basics, replying emails even at late nights. The program was delivered as promised and all the topics has been covered. overall the course is great and i learned a lot from the course, especially the topics in the layout.
author-img - Sri Karthik
1.3yrs of IT experience, Switched to VLSI, Si2Chip
Course met my expectations & I learnt a lot of things. Training was excellent, gave confidence (as concepts were clear). Trainer is good in transferring the knowledge & clarifying doubts. Discussions were informative & crystal clear. All presentations were good enough to understand & acquire knowledge. Communication through group & WhatsApp made easier.

Wish Chipedge to continue and maintain this quality of training. Hope to join in future courses.

author-img - Sai Kumar
M.tech(VLSI) Manipal, 1 year internship Experience, Joined as Analog Layout Engineer in Analog Devices India (ADI)
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The quality of teaching is top notch. The trainer has answered all our queries with patience, clarity and enthusiasm. All has been done with extreme professionalism. Chipedge DFT program is very unique in a sense that a separate training program on DFT is very rare at least in India.
author-img - Vasanth
9 years of RTL Design and Verification Experience. Working at TechVulcan
I feel fortunate to have found one such unique course and enrolled for it. The course has given a lot of exposure to DFT and broken my idea that DFT is an easy job to do.
author-img - Hardik K
M.Tech Fresher, placed in Imspired Solutions as DFT Engineer
Trainer has good experience which helped us in all labs whenever we were stuck at some problems. Being a fresher, I don’t have any practical knowledge about DFT. Expectation was this course will help me build and improve my basics.
author-img - Kiran
Trainer is very helpful even in very small and silly doubts explain everything asked to him. About course, it was very good. When I have started I have so many doubts but now at the end of this course doubts are clear with clear understanding of concepts.
author-img - S Kanjariya
M-Tech Fresher, Placed as DFT Engineer at Imspired Solutions
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I have joined this course to gain good practical knowledge on STA and synthesis, by using PT & DC tools. Trainer has very strong technical expertise & course has met all my expectations. Now I am confident enough, to handle some complex STA in day to day work. I could spend extra time on Labs & assignments, because of VPN facility.
author-img - Dinesh Londhe
PD Engineer, INTEL, 4+ Yrs of Experience
It was a great experience with the trainer of good expertise & patience. The course has given me enough exposure and hands-on, on prime time tool and real time scenarios. VPN facility is really unique & helps us for self learning, when compared to other training institutes. I would like to attend the further courses in future.
author-img - Navyakranth
M.tech VLSI Fresher from VIT, with Internship @ INTEL
Clearing all the doubts with the help of circuit diagrams and use cases,has helped very much in understanding. Course gave me,good exposure to STA. VPN facility has really helped to continue the learning in weekdays.
author-img - Nishad
Sr.Design Engineer, Ignatarium, 10+ yrs experience in RTL & FPGA Design
The Trainer is really good and helps one to understand the concepts right from the basics. Lab sessions, assignments and projects  are very helpful for practical understanding. Now, I am confident enough in handling the timing issues.
author-img - Atul
FPGA Engineer, 4+ yrs of Experience
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I joined this course to be a good and experienced low power design engineer and to be able to independently handle a low power design during the PD implementation in upcoming projects. End of the course got good understanding on low power concepts and techniques. Trainer has good understanding on low power concepts and techniques helpful in clearing all queries, not only on low power concepts but also on the PD techniques. The quality of teaching of is just “AWESOME”. This course improved my thinking on PD concepts and low power techniques implementation.
author-img - Anonymous
5+ Years  PD Experience


My expectations to join this course was to understand Low Power concepts and exposure. I came here with no basics idea on low power but after coming here i got confidence on Low power. Trainers are technically they are strong and shared more in detail with more patience. Thanks for them. Trainer will help in all accepts even i am new to ICC tool. Now I am confident and happy to get new explorer, concepts, and friends. For my case, i use to travel. Still even i am happy to travel to this good technical session.
author-img - Rajesh
10years of experience working as Senior Design Engineer


I joined this course to know Low power concepts, techniques and methodologies and this course met my expectations. Trainers are experienced and answers all the questions answered. Now I am confident and it will help to handle low power block confidently.
author-img - Anonymous
2years as PD engineer


I joined this course to learn ICC and low power. Trainers have given their best on teaching low power , I am satisfied with the concepts they have given. The teaching quality is “ABOVE EXPECTATIONS”. Trainers were helpful & they have given their best to explain all our queries. Program was very good, course was well defined.
author-img - Ram
6years of exp at Maxim


My expectations jo joining this course was to understand the behavior of UPF commands and this course met my expectations. Trainers having good practical knowledge and good attitude. Good response from the trainers for all the questions asked. Good quality of materials provided during the course. Now I am confident to handle LP design in future
author-img - Naveen
3years of exp in PD at Mediatek


I joined this course to be familiar with LPD. This course helped me to understand the basics and to be familiar with UPF and other low power concepts. Trainer is very good in teaching and clearing all the doubts. It was good experience to be part of Chipedge Technologies and learned LP concepts from basics.
author-img - Anonymous
5years exp in PD at Digicom