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Testimonials from Synthesis & Sign-Off STA Course, Batch-3(Sept-Nov, 2016)

Testimonials from Synthesis & Sign-Off STA Course, Batch-3(Sept-Nov, 2016)

Read what engineers are saying about the quality of the course, particularly about the trainer and his expertise. And how he made learning effective, with better examples and teaching from his experience.


My expectation was to get strong basics and good labs. Trainer is having a very good hand on experience on different stages of Asic flow. He has tried to explain every concept for the basic. He also explained in various ways for the trainees to understand. The content of the lab was optimum. and assignments were the triggering points for the exploration during the course duration.

The take-away of the course– Now I understand the STA concepts much better. I have a basis for exploring more and becoming an expert on the matter. I feel more confident to carry out my work.

Overall program was very much required for me to see growth of my knowledge base in my industry.

author-img - Gautam
8+ years of experience as Design Engineer

I had joined this course, to get knowledge in synthesis and timing analysis.The explanation from basics is helpful to learn minute things. The teaching quality of the trainer is excellent.

author-img - Kishore
PD engineer@ Pozibility Technologies

My expectation was to get thorough knowledge of STA. After joining this course things are more clear now and some exposure of LEC. Trainer is having good knowledge of STA concepts. and the supporting examples are also good and related to real scenarios so we can relate it to design.

VPN facility was good. It is very user friendly facility that enables us to access tools easily.

Overall program was good. It helped me to explore my knowledge.

author-img - Rajeev
4+years of Exp in RTL Design

Joined the course to understand the concepts of Synthesis and Timing which can help me to do right job in SoC Design Integration. and to understand the requirements better from my stakeholders of Synthesis / Timing / Physical Design teams. Wide coverage of the concepts and scope, topics and material, time spent on lab sessions, quality of assignments, importance is given to concepts rather tool which I think is the correct way of training.

Trainer addressed all the key concepts with details and explanation on board and he seems very passionate and covered all the topics diligently. Trainer is very supportive and able to manage questions from all kinds of experience people. He made the concepts simple. Good lab facility and classrooms. Exceeded my expectation.

Course Materials– Worthy material with right flow and good examples

VPN Facility- It is a great facility. I did not think of similar facility from any other training institute.For professionals it will help a lot to practice from home.

author-img - Siva Sankar
15years of Exp@ Intel

I joined this course in order to get a high level overview as to how Synthesis and STA are performed in the industry using tools such as DC/PT and I can unequivocally state that the course succeeded in meeting my expectations. As a verification engineer, I joined the course with the sole objective of understanding STA concepts and expectations were exceeded. The trainer seemed to possess a wealth of experience in the subject with a passion for teaching.

The VPN facility made 24/7 access to labs possible. It helped us complete the labs and explore the tool setup in a leisurely manner according to our convenience.

For me the takeaway of the Course- “Knowledge acquisition of STA/Synthesis flow, tool setup and scripting.”

The overall program was very well-coordinated and well-conducted with an excellent trainer and tool facilities.

author-img - Prabhakar
4years of exp as Verification Enigneer

I had joined the Sign-Off STA Course to learn concepts in detail plus a lot of hands on sessions. The trainer was very knowledgeable with all the concepts and he was very well patient enough to explain the concepts in detail. Also he was always available on emails for responses.

author-img - Nandita
8.5 yrs experience, Technical writer in ARM

I had joined the course to learn STA and Synthesis. The course met all my expectations. Trainer was very patient and his industry experience was good.

author-img - Anonymous
8 years of experience, FPGA Engineer
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