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Testimonials from Synthesis & Sign-Off STA Course, Batch-5 (Apr-May 2017)

Testimonials from Synthesis & Sign-Off STA Course, Batch-5 (Apr-May 2017)

Read what engineers are saying about the quality of the course, particularly about the trainer and his expertise. And how he made learning effective, with better examples and teaching from his experience.


I joined this course to get an in-depth idea of synthesis and STA, become well verse with dc shell and to clear all the conceptual doubts and get an understanding of the back-end flow and this course met my expectations. The course material is exhaustive as well. After completing the course, I understood the challenges of a synthesis & STA engineer in the industry. This course is a good launching pad for someone who wants to switch to STA & synthesis. End of the day looking back, I’m pretty happy I took the call and enrolled myself for this class. I’ve been able to network with people in the industry. More importantly, next time I am assigned to any Synthesis/STA related work in my company, I’m fairly confident that I am in a position to tackle the problems which might come in my way. This is solely because of the instructor’s expertise and the exhaustive course work.
author-img - Balaji
ASIC Design Engineer, SanDisk


I joined this course to gain a deep knowledge in the chip level design field and STA played a critical role in the same. After joining the class I felt a lot more confident in the in actual working and the issues that can be faced in real time design environment. The trainer seems to be an expert in the field as he explained many such cases and things that are meant to be kept in mind which could be faced in real time, but could not be able to get such issues anywhere else but pure experience based. The VPN support given was a lot helpful in doing the doubtful things even after going home, which allowed students to make time in day to go through the problems. The Training materials where to the point and very illustrative and intuitive. The course gave me an insight to the very concept of STA , which was new to me, and gave a confidence to look through a circuit with deep knowledge. The overall program went really good and helpful, and it seems to be worth the fee.
author-img - Vishnu
2+ years of exp as Device Verification engineer, Broadcom


My expectation from the course was to have a basic understanding of the concept of synthesis and STA and to have hands on experience​ using these concepts. After doing the course now I can understand the synthesis and STA flow in better way and identify the step to be taken for challenges. Trainer is excellent and clearly able to communicate the concepts and expertise in domain in practical way. He clearly helps to understand concepts behind the question and problems. Training materials provided by ChipEdge is very good. Overall, I am happy with the course.
author-img - Rohit
5 Years Experience in FPGA Domain


My expectations to join this course was to learn synthesis and STA. The trainer is very good and quality of teaching is just awesome. He answered all the questions, cleared doubts asked him during lecture and lab sessions. Overall, I am happy with this course and this course met my expectations.
author-img - Praveen
12 years of exp. In RTL Design


I joined this course to know advanced timing concepts like cross talk, ocv, and synthesis with physical ware and yes what i expected that was there in the teaching. trainer was very good and experienced in STA. Good explanation on each concept related to STA and he also had good knowledge on the other VLSI concepts which required during our carrier in VLSI. Good explanation and interaction with students during assignments and doubts discussion. Course material was very nice to explore on the tool and STA concepts. Course structure and material provided by ChipEdge was nice. It will help me to explore more on synthesis and STA concepts.
author-img - Anonymous
3 months in PD, Aricent


I joined this course to get a better understanding of how STA is performed in the VLSI industry with standard tools. With this course, I got a better understanding of STA domain. The trainer is very clear in his concepts, and his way of teaching is also good. Lab support is very good by Chipedge as well as the trainer. This course has helped me establish a foundation in STA domain, and I hope to apply these concepts as much as possible in the days to come. VPN facility has helped us students to access the lab tools from our home, which ensures that we can spend more time on the industry standard tools. Overall, this has been a good program w.r.t the trainer, labs, course coordination etc. It is a good course that will give any designer a nice foundation of STA domain.
author-img - Surya
3.5 years experience in FPGA Domain