3 key points to check your eligibility to do VLSI or Embedded Systems

VLSI and embedded systems are upcoming domain in India. India spends billion of dollars every year to bring electronics consumer devices to India. As the Make In India programme is thriving in India, there are lot of manufacturers are looking to make in India and Made In India. There is going to be huge skill […]



Congratulations Ravi, Ghosh, Shashi, Guru, Joshi, for getting PD job offers…

Many Congratulations to Joshi, Ghosh, Navyakranth, Ravi, Shashi, Guru for getting placed as Physical Design Engineer.  Joshi and Ghosh has successfully changed their domain from Layout to PD, whereas Ravi has worked in Networking and moved to PD role.  Guru has worked in FPGA domain. Navyakranth has worked intern for 6months and got opportunity to stat his career as PD […]


Dhruva B, 1year of Experience, M-Tech from MIT, Manipal

Dhruva B, 1year of Experience, M-Tech from MIT, Manipal

Hi, I’m Dhruva and I’ve completed my bachelors in Electronics and Communications and masters in VLSI-CAD. After completion of my masters I wanted to start my career in semiconductor industry. But I was struggling hard, because getting into industry as a fresher is bit difficult without some hands on experience. Then one of my friend […]

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