Verification Vs. Validation in VLSI

Job Opportunities in VLSI and Embedded Systems

State of the art SOC designs is so complex that, coming up with a bug-free design is very difficult. So chip design flow incorporates several steps to identify the bugs in the earlier stages as well as, in the later stages. Verification and Validation, both probe for the correctness of the design against the specification […]

What is Unateness in Static Timing Analysis?

Intangible Skills that are in Demand

Timing Sense corresponds to the functionality of the standard cells. It explains the traversal of a data from the source pin of the gate to its sink pin. Timing sense is also called as unateness of the timing arc.  All the standard cells can be classified based on the unateness they possess. Positive unate, Negative […]

How to choose Frontend vs. Backend?

VLSI frontend and backend are nothing but two different domains in the field of VLSI. The classification is based on the different steps involved in a typical ASIC design flow. Following diagram shows a typical design flow for an ASIC or SOC. As it shows the design flow starts with a specification document which lists […]

VLSI Careers – Qualifications and Expectations with Training Institutes

VLSI engineers with fundamental training in Electronics have the best opportunity to get a foothold as a professional VLSI engineer. Thus, engineers with adequate qualifications and training are in high demand and can get remunerated well from the word go. Qualifications needed to be successful  To be successful as an electronics engineer, one needs to […]