Semiconductors for 5G implementation - Will 5G be a Game Changer?

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Semiconductor Technologies for 5G implementation

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Nowadays, staying ‘connected’ is more of a necessity than a choice. Our society is progressing at an unimaginable rate and keeping up requires a lot of speed. From our education to work, the quality of it all depends on your internet speed. A slow network means a missed lecture or a deal that you could’ve made but did not. That is why we are preparing for the next big thing: 5G! Read more about Semiconductors for 5G Implementation.

Semiconductors and 5G

The semiconductor industry has powered all microchips for the last 5 decades and is all set to contribute to the next generation, 5G, which is up to 100 times faster than the 4G network. To achieve greater speeds, the 5G network will largely depend upon a new generation of hardware that can be made using a wide range of semiconductors for 5G.

The use of semiconductors for 5G will enhance the user experience and will open rooms for major technological advancements.
The new 5G network comes in two variants. One utilizes the sub-6 GHz band, which offers a major step-up from the 4G LTE Network. The other utilizes a spectrum above 24 GHz. Due to this, we see a significant increase in the frequency but a decrease in the distance that the signal can travel. To keep the speeds up and make sure the signal goes the distance, more repeaters and base stations will be required. The semiconductor industry will play a major role in providing the resources required to prepare the infrastructure for the 5G network.

Not only unimaginably fast speeds but the use of semiconductors for 5G network brings with it a significant increase in smartphone usage. Due to this, the industry will transition to devices that can utilise the newly developed 5G technology and a remarkable production boost will be seen in the VLSI industry.


In conclusion, while the upcoming 5G technology comes with unlimited possibilities, the infrastructure and the implementation of the high-speed network will require a lot of help from the semiconductor as well as the VLSI industry.


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