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Selecting the Best VLSI Institute – Key Points to Remember

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Many students, even after getting a job and starting a career are looking to study further, either to gain knowledge or to give their careers a boost. ChipEdge courses are designed to ease the burden of studying and improve the chances of furthering job opportunities even for those who are pursuing a regular job. 

Be it for working professionals or for freshers, there are multiple factors that decide which the best VLSI training institute is. Here is a look at the most important ones for students. 

The skill of the teaching staff

“The stream rarely rises above its source”

Therefore it is essential to have a passionate and knowledgeable training faculty that are always ready to help you in all matters of your education. At ChipEdge we ensure that our trainers have at least 10 years of relevant industry experience, are abreast of the latest trends in the industry as well as have the passion and communication skills to communicate with students in a clear and comprehensive way. Working with industry-experienced trainers and on industry-standard projects while studying itself helps one get oriented well in the industry.

Types of courses offered 

At ChipEdge we give you the best opportunities to pursue the domain of your choice within VLSI. We provide the widest suite of VLSI courses in Bangalore backed by a training methodology designed to make it convenient and easily graspable by students of different backgrounds and stages in their careers. 

The different types of courses offered by ChipEdge are 

  • Job Oriented Full-Time Courses: The top job-oriented courses in the VLSI domain are Physical Design and ASIC Design Verification among others. These are designed especially for freshers who have the time to immerse themselves completely in the course. Multiple projects and Lab Sessions ensure the students are just not Job ready but also Project ready.
  • Job Oriented Weekend Courses: Students, as well as working professionals, either those working within the VLSI domain or those wishing to shift from any other stream, can pick from a whole range of weekend courses. This includes Analog Layout Design, ASIC Design Verification, Physical Design, and DFT among many others. These courses have Classroom and Lab sessions on weekends for the convenience of working engineers but at the same time provide 24/7 VPN access to the labs to ensure a thorough grasp of the subject matter.
  • Online Courses: ChipEdge provides Online Live Virtual Classroom Courses that can be availed by anyone and from anywhere. These courses utilize remote labs, VPN Access and Interactive sessions with the trainer to provide skill development in certain specialized domains like Analog Circuit Design. 
  • Corporate Courses: Chipedge provides corporates with the opportunity to nominate their engineers to our regular courses for up-skilling or re-skilling as well as provide unique, customized training programs for each company as per their requirements
  • Internships: Especially for 3rd and 4th-year Electronics Engineering students, Chipedge provides summer and winter internship programs designed to prepare and help students who wish to have a career in VLSI to understand and acclimatize themselves to the requirements and rigors of the VLSI industry. This serves as the foundation for their career in VLSI. 

Placement Assistance

Being one of the best VLSI institutes in Bangalore, a lot of emphases is provided on providing all our students the best opportunity to get placed in the best companies.

As soon as the course is completed, we begin work to find the best placement for you in the semiconductor industry. Placement support includes soft skills training, refresher courses in electronics fundamentals, mock interviews and more to ensure our students have the best possible advantage in interviews.


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