Design For Test Online (Self-Paced)

About Course

This course comprehensively covers the synthesis, static timing analysis, and LEC, along with videos on lab sessions using Design Compiler, Prime Time and Formality.

How this Course Help in Your Career Growth:

RTL Design/Application/CAD engineers can migrate to Synthesis/STA engineer roles or up-skill themselves to deliver effectively in their current positions. FPGA engineers can migrate to STA engineer roles.
By acquiring Timing Closure proficiency, PD engineers can significantly improve turn around times of their blocks/designs. This, in turn, will help save valuable working hours as well as open up new growth opportunities.
Topic No.Topic NameCourse Contains
Topic 1Synthesis Flow, Libraries, Coding Guidelines 2 lecture, 2 Lab – 05:46:00
Topic 2Constraining The Design & Optimization2 lectures, 2 Lab – 06:53:00
Topic 3Scan Insertion & Physical Aware Synthesis2 lectures, 2 Lab – 06:25:00
Topic 4Low Power Synthesis & LEC 2 lectures, 2 Lab – 04:59:00
Topic 5STA Overview, Exceptions & Post Layout STA2 lectures, 2 Lab – 05:24:00
Topic 6Multi-corner, Multi-Mode STA, OCV2 lectures, 2 Lab – 05:18:00
Topic 7Crosstalk and Noise analysis2 lectures, 2 Lab – 05:03:00
Topic 8Timing Closure, Challenges & techniques2 lectures, 2 Lab – 05:28:00

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