Placement Updates for DFT Course (Batch-3) in Nov, 2016

Congratulations Sandhya, Setu, Mallesh, Shashank, Punit, Ranjitha, Verru, Shiva, Chandrashekar for your new career in DFT.

Sandhya, Punit , Setu, Mallesh & Shashank successfully switched to DFT roles from ATE /Test Engineer/Post-Silicon Validation roles. Where ChndraShekar and Shiva successfully moved from their academic career to Core industry roles. Being freshers , Veeranju and Ranjitha have shown a great maturity and smartness to get entry level DFT opportunities

ChipEdge’s unique and high quality DFT training, has helped all above engineers to clear the interviews easily and get placed. Thanks to our DFT trainer for his quality and effective teaching with lots of examples and good projects.

Wish you all a great career ahead.

December 7, 2018

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