Congratulations!!! to Chaitrashree, Prathamesh for being placed at JGD Tech as Layout Engineer

Many Congratulations Chaitrashree & Prathamesh Kulkarni  for getting Layout Engineer job offers from JGD Tech .

Chaitrashree & Prathamesh Kulkarni had 1 year internship experience before joining Layout Engineer course with ChipEdge. They were very much interested to start his career in VLSI industry. Through friends they came to know about ChipEdge’s high quality Layout Engineer training and made a right choice of joining the training.

After completion of the course he got multiple interview opportunities through ChipEdge Placement Cell and ended-up in getting offer from JGD Tech as Layout Engineer.

Their passion and dedication toward his goal and the support from ChipEdge helped them to reach his goal.

Once again, we congratulate and wish them a best of luck for their career.

Sl.No Date Candidate Name Course Company Placed
1 7 April 18 Chaitrashree Analog Layout JGD Tech
2 7 April 18 Prathamesh Kulkarni Analog Layout JGD Tech
December 7, 2018

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