24/7 VPN Access - Weekday & Weekend Classes - Experienced Trainers
The course is well structured and taught in a very good way, so that any person with a professional experience in any background in vlsi can take it up and have the confidence to get the job in PD. Overall it helped me to gain significant knowledge about the PD flow and be confident in attending the interviews.
author-img - Deepak
4 years Exp in Analog Layout
Course is structured to gain knowledge with a mix of practical and theoretical aspects, incrementally building on the different stages a typical PD flow like in an industry.Trainer was open to all questions and during project he showed us many practical concepts on how a typical industry flow along with constraints.
author-img - Ragav
2 years of Exp on ATE and currently working with ARM
The course is good for engineers from industry to attend during weekends. Trainer is a nice person by nature and is technically very good. Explains the concepts as per the industry flows and clarifies the doubts.
author-img - Ram
5+ years into Full custom Analog & Mixed signal Layouts and switched to PD after training
Trainer was more than what I had expected, the real time problems, it’s solution’s shared by him during the period, I’m sure would help a lot in the future.
author-img - Sarath
2.5 yrs of Exp in Design Verification and switched to PD
Trainer made us understand the subject, really well. Answered and explained all the doubts and increased my curiosity in PD.
author-img - Vinith
Intern at INTEL and got PD job
Was expecting only few concepts but it was exceeded. Trainer is best especially his sharing of experience. The course met my expectations, confident enough to crack interview
author-img - Lay Desai
Internship at INTEL and got PD job in Microsemi after training
It was perfect recipe to understand over all flow. I understand in 13 sessions it is difficult to cover the vast are of PD. But i got what i wanted. Trainer coming from strong industry background touched various aspects of PD both theoretically and practical usage. The connect made the difference.
author-img - Anonymous
10+ yrs of Exp in Synthesis, STA at QUALCOMM

The course covered in depth block level and hands on. Trainer is very helpful and has lots of practical expertise in handling the course]

author-img - Chand
10+ yrs exp. in Methodology & CAD at ARM
I wanted a short term training which can make me confident in Physical Design field with industry standard tools. …. Trainer has very good knowledge and he is very much eager to share his knowledge and experience. …Trainer starts from very basic and go to block level design….So after this training one can handle a block level design properly.
author-img - Kailash
3 years of PD Exp with IBM
I joined this course to learn Physical Design, which totally meets my expectations. The course was very helpful for clearing the concepts.Trainer was very good, have lots of knowledge to share & very friendly. Slides were very good and easy to understand. thanks for providing this course
author-img - Srivatsava
2.5 years of Physical Verification and switched to PD after training
I have Masters in VLSI Design. But unfortunately I could not get into VLSI field since my expertise did not meet the industry standard as soon I completed my Masters. So I was putting effort to get into VLSI domain but could not afford fees and full time from other institutions. During this time ChipEdge’s weekend class was like a boon.
author-img - Deepak
3 yrs of Exp in Board Design, PCB and switched to PD after training
Learnt many things especially from industry perspective.  And got to know expectation of industry. Quality was very good of training program and got understanding of actual technologies and challenges in industry.
author-img - Anand Ganesh
1+ yrs of IT experience in IBM and switched to PD after training
Course meets my expectations. This type of professional industry oriented course is rare to find and VPN facility was really a good add on
author-img - Anonymous
10+ yrs of exp  in Timing Closure and working with QUALCOMM
The training was good and was full-fledged with the experience and PD knowledge. The experience was good and was benefited so much, it is really going to help me in making future in the field I want to go.
author-img - Rakesh
M.tech Fresher and got PD job after training
Trainer has good expertise in block level physical design. Especially VPN facility is appreciated.
author-img - Kumar
11+ yrs of RTL design with PMC (now Microsemi)