Congratulations to Anushree Chandran for placement in Synopsys in Physical Design    Congratulations to Bandreddi Venkateshwar Rao and Kishor Naik for placement in Aricent in Physical Design    Congratulations to Chaitrashree and Prathamesh Kulkarni for placement in JGD Tech in Analog Layout    Congratulations to Hemavathy and Suman for placement in Aricent in Physical Design    Congratulations to Jagan for placement in Wipro in Physical Design    Congratulations to Jithesh for placement in Laksh Semi in Physical Design    Congratulations to Juturu Muruli Shankar and Shreyas BK for placement in Aricent in Physical Design    Congratulations to Shubha for placement in Sibot Technologies in Analog Layout    Congratulations to Manoj Chowdary and Payam Nagesh for placement in Aricent in Physical Design    Congratulations to Neeraj Sharma for placement in Black Pepper in Analog Layout    Congratulations to Podila Keerthi and Praveen Chennam for placement in Aricent in Physical Design    Congratulations to Navyatha for placement in Altran in Physical Design    Congratulations to Sneha Rathod for placement in Exiger in Physical Design    Congratulations to Surabhi and Abhishek for placement in Aricent in Physical Design

Testimonials from 9th Batch PD Course, completed in October, 2016

Course content is good. Overall had a good exposure of the physical design flow. The course lectures and practical’s were very good. They have exceeded the expectations. Faculty was good, having very good industry knowledge. Lab assistance and support staff were very good. Always available at any point of time
author-img - Abhi
4+ years of Layout Experience, Broadcom


Training is good, which is more than my expectation. Trainer is very friendly and having good experience in PD. I understand the entire PD flow by doing the course
author-img - Gurumoorthy
B.Tech, 2 years of experience in FPGA, Wireless Broadband


I am Happy to be part of this Program and learnt many real-time Challenges & how to overcome with best Results and as am fresher to industry now I am confident on concepts, will make my journey nearer into PHYSICAL DESIGN domain
author-img - Venkatesh
M.Tech, 1+ year Teaching Experience


This course met my expectation of understanding Block level PD. Since Trainer is industry person with so much experience, the teaching was practical & realistic rather than book knowledge
author-img - Anonymous
9+ years’ of experience in Seagate


Whatever I expected it reached. Trainer was very interactive
author-img - Santhoshi
M.Tech with 1+ Teaching Experience


Trainer is having good practical knowledge and he teaches with best effort
author-img - Sujata
4+ years’ of Experience in Broadcom


Trainer teaching quality is good and explains concepts with practical examples
author-img - Vrushai
M.Tech Fresher, VIT


By doing this course I have gained a lot of knowledge on PD Flow and working on Tool. Quality of teaching from trainer was good and he clears all doubts whichever we asked
author-img - DINESH B A
M.Tech 6 months Teaching Experience