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Physical Design Testimonials, Batch-8

Physical Design Testimonials, Batch-8

Read the testimonials from the 8th batch Physical Design Course.


I joined this course to know the complete PD flow, with all tool skill set. After doing this course I really learnt what I missed as claiming designer. Teaching quality of trainer is effortless and concepts are really made understand easy. Now I can face an interview and be something but not dumb.
author-img - S Narayana
2 years of experience in ASIC Design


Before I join this course I was a complete newbie but at the end of the course I am glad to say I have acquired enough knowledge to comfortably and confidently attend interview. The quality of the trainer attracted me and in future hope to be the same if I take some other course.
author-img - Avishek
3years of Exp into System Admin


This course definitely helped me .I learned how to start the PD and get through few projects in real time. From now I can easily carry on from here with self-learning on advanced topics, and can improve my PD knowledge. All the course contents were covered and could apply all while doing project. Project was really a great learning tool in knowing fixing ECO timing, DRV’s, LVS.
author-img - Chaitanya
10 years Exp in Circuit Design


I joined this course to get basic knowledge on Physical Design and career in it. Training is good, which is more than my expectation. Trainer is very friendly and having good experience in PD. Course materials are good and easy to understand and I understand the entire PD flow by doing the course
author-img - Vishnu
1 Year Internship Exp


My expectation to join this course was I wanted PD exposure which was good enough to switch my domain. Too many concepts covered effectively in short time gives us the direction in which we can study through. Takes challenges faced in real time and tries to expose the guys to industry environment. And being energetic covers topics in stipulated time. Have learnt a lot in short period and thanks for making this happen.
author-img - Abhi
3years Exp in Embedded in Wipro


By doing this course I have gained a lot of knowledge on PD Flow and working on Tool. Quality of teaching from trainer was good and he clears all doubts whichever we asked
author-img - Kishore
2 Years experience in ASIC Design


I joined this course to understand the PD Flow & Basic Concepts of PD. As another domain Person understanding the PD flow little bit complex & any how after 2-3 classes was able to understand the PD flow. Training is good, which is more than my expectation
author-img - Saurabh
1year Electronics Exp in SSR Technologies and Joined Infosys as PD engineer


I joined this course to switch my domain from PCB to PD. Course content covered full PD flow and provided Synopsys tool helped to gain practical knowledge. Trainer is expert in PD and transferred his entire experience to us. He is supportive to clarify the doubts during class and labs. Provided course materials covered all the flow comments and topics.
author-img - H Kumar
10 Years PCB experience in Wipro


My expectations to join this course is to know PD flow from Basic to some advanced level. Trainer is well in clearing doubts, and gives strong basics which will be appreciated apart from advanced.
author-img - Prakash
1year DFT Exp


This training is good for having practical knowledge and VPN access is available, so any time one can practice. As our trainer is working currently so he is aware of issues in current industry. And we can have knowledge of such issues and how to fix those issues. Trainer is good and he focuses on important issues and concepts rather than just covering everything.
author-img - Vikas
1 year Experience in Cerium Systems


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