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Physical Design Testimonials, 11th Batch ( Apr to June 2017)

Physical Design Testimonials, 11th Batch ( Apr to June 2017)

Read what engineers are saying about the quality of the course, particularly about the trainer and his expertise. And how he made learning effective, with better examples and teaching from his experience. Also our engineers got into PD jobs during the course itself.


I joined this course to get enough confidence on PD so that I can switch my profile from IT to PD. Complete course package is good. Facilities is as expected. Trainer is a person who doesn’t show off his experience and treat everyone as equal. I haven’t heard trainer is saying “Don’t Know” for any of the questions raised from our end. Quality wise trainer shares his expertise without any hesitation. No issues found with the co-ordination. Teams considered my long travel and have kept me aware of any schedule changes considering my long travel as I use to travel from Chennai on every weekend to attend this course.
author-img - Surendiran M
2+ yrs exp. In IBM(IT)- Switched to PD in IBM


My expectations to join this course was to understand complete PD flow, practically implementing the theoretical knowledge of PD and taking the design from RTL to GDSII. Trainer knows in and out of the PD. i just say that I am lucky to get trained by him. Trainer gave equal opportunity to everyone to resolve doubts faced by candidates. Overall, I am satisfied with the course and it met my expectations.
author-img - Sadiq
1+ yrs exp. In SLK software- Switched to Global Foundries


I joined this course to learn Physical Design from Netlist to GDS… learn Placement / CTS / STA / Routing. Trainer is very knowledgeable and getting trained from him was a plus for all the students, as he has the vast design knowledge and experience from the industry and providing us inputs to get ready for the industry. All the sessions were very interactive and fun…Would like to thank Kumar Sir for the same. Overall it was very good learning experience.
author-img - Ram Kumar R Setty
13+ yrs exp. In INTEL in PD


As a fresher, I wanted to gain knowledge in physical design. Trainer has explained the complete flow very nicely. Complete flow was explained which was needed to crack the interview. Concepts were very clearly explained in class. Trainer makes us understand by giving real time examples. Explains very calmly even if we ask a silly doubt also. Over all experience was very nice, industry gap is filled between the academics and industry.
author-img - Rashmi Pande
M.Tech fresher


My expectations to join this course to learn PD flow, industry requirements on PD and switch to PD domain and Yes, this course met my expectations. Trainer is too good technically and as a lecturer as well. Excellent explanations for unknown concepts.
author-img - Yasmine Tajudeen
2+ yrs exp. In Wipro in VLSI


I joined this course to get hands on experience in PD tools and carryout some good projects covering the PD flow. Trainer has good answers for each and every doubt. Also, he explains things not mentioned anywhere else which shows his expertise and command in PD domain. Trainer’s response is good to each and every question.
author-img - Anonymous
2+ yrs exp. In INTEL


I was expecting a complete flow and I am satisfied after completing the course. Trainer was good and always available to help students whenever they face any issues. Trainer’s response & support to questions during lecture & labs is just awesome. Lab support is available through WhatsApp/emails even when we practice labs at home.
author-img - Sriram Madala
6 months exp. Embedded in Caliber Embedded Tech


I joined this course to have Hands-on experience and it met with all my expectations. Trainer is very knowledgeable and helpful person. He taught all the things as we expected and also his way of teaching is very good. This course is being a professional course, helped me a lot in acquiring the knowledge mainly wrt Industry Standards. The PD Trainer have very good knowledge on the domain and his methodology of teaching is very good. Here mainly we learn about what industry needs. This is a great platform for all types of individuals like Freshers, Experienced, Teaching professionals etc., who wanted to learn, grow, and earn together. Now I have an opportunity to serve in the VLSI Domain with Leading product based companies through service companies. Even 1 month before the completion of course I have had multiple offers in hand which enhanced my confidence level and now I am into this industry and started my journey. I was looking out for PD Course based on feedback received by many of Friends who were already working in PD Domain. Even I heard about the better quality of teaching with good hands-on experience with Tool in chipedge.
author-img - Vinay B N
2+ yrs exp. In Accenture in IT- Switched to PD in Bangalore Semiconductor Services pvt ltd


I joined this course to learn about PD to join industry. Trainer have very good knowledge on the domain and his methodology of teaching is very good. Overall, I am happy with this course and it met my expectations.
author-img - Subhojit
1+ years embedded exp