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Physical Design Testimonials, 10th Batch ( Dec,2016 to Feb,2017)

Physical Design Testimonials, 10th Batch ( Dec,2016 to Feb,2017)

Read what engineers are saying about the quality of the course, particularly about the trainer and his expertise. And how he made learning effective, with better examples and teaching from his experience. Also our engineers got into PD jobs during the course itself.


I joined this course to learn PD, and completely explore all the industry standard flows concerning PD. The course was helpful and beneficial for taking it forward and working in the Industry. Trainer is just excellent and solver all the queries/doubts asked. Trainer’s response & support to questions during lecture & labs is very good. I am very satisfied after finishing the course.
author-img - K. Kiran
4+ years of exp-Joined Signoff Semi as PD Engineer

I joined this course to know the complete PD flow with hands on and it exceeded in terms of content. Trainer is very good…Put pressure in students to keep up with his pace…But that is required.
author-img - Jagadeesh
10+ years of exp into IO Layout – BROADCOM

I wanted to switch my current profile, the reason being the learning curve and career growth. I have to agree that the course has enabled me to fill in the gaps. This is a well organised and well implemented course structure. Trainer is very good at all the PD without a surprise and the way he give the examples at different interview scenarios is very helpful. The quality materials is very well organised and really helpful for the ongoing preparation. VPN is another best thing I like about this institute. Really thankful for the support.
author-img - Praveen
4+ years of exp in CAD

I joined this course to enhance my skill-set. The instructor has the sound knowledge on the concepts and tool implementation and his experience helped us in gaining the new skills.
author-img - Krishna
4.5 years of exp in ARICENT as PD Engineer

I joined this course to get industry level exposure which would enable me to get an opportunity in physical design domain. The course content has been good. lab instructions and demo sessions would help the students. Instructor has been very good with good teaching skills and conceptual knowledge. The quality of teaching has been good, easily approachable. The trainer response has been good. VPN is a very good facility for us to work from home as when needed. Overall experience has been good and it met my expectations.
author-img - Anonymous
3+ years of teaching exp-Joined Pozibility Technologies as PD Engineer

My objective to join this course to change from layout design to physical design. From this class, My expectation was to gain hands on Physical design flow and ICC tool. I got good exposure to PD flow and tool. I enjoyed course teaching about actual practical work which we got here in chipedge. I really recommend this institute and all PD staff. We got good manual to refer basics in future. Thanks ChipEdge Team. I like your company. Best Luck!
author-img - Jayesh
2.5 years of exp in BROADCOM as layout engineer- Joined Pozibility as PD Engineer

As a fresher I joined this course to get into c. ore industry and this course met my expectations. We learned more hands-on experience here. When I started doing project I am very afraid by seeing 4000-line command reference, that from where to start. Even in industry people who are doing in PD they cannot reach us in simple way. Trainer had proper plan so than he thought complicated PD in a simple way. Over all course is awesome.
author-img - Hamsalekha
M.Tech Fresher-Joined Synopsys as PV Engineer

After working in Hardware domain for 2 years, I want to move to VLSI domain and I have attended some of interviews, but could not able to get through any one. Finally I came across ChipEdge Technologies and joined PD course with an expectation of getting PD job and I could able to achieve the same. Training content was very good and trainer is very experienced. He is having very good knowledge and he gave many examples for real time issues. He is explained every question even if it is silly question also. The assignment questions he gave really helped to clear interviews. In a short time, ChipEdge is giving a good direction. But at the same time, you have put efforts from your side. Best part of the course is VPN. It really helped us to spend more time on tool and work on projects.
author-img - Shyamala
2years in hardware and switched to PD role

My expectation to join this course was to do Floorplan, P&R and solve real time problems. Work more on Prime Time. Trainer has lot of knowledge and very good in sharing his knowledge and always Eager to answer. VPN is unique from Chipedge and it helped me to practice even from home. This course was very helpful for my career and I thank Chipedge Team.
author-img - V Kumar
1+ year exp in PV-Joined Si2 Chip as PD Engineer

I joined this course to learn Physical Design, which totally meets my expectations. The course was very helpful for clearing the concepts. Trainer was very good, have lots of knowledge to share & very friendly.
author-img - Sanjay
4+ years of exp in teaching-Joined Graphene Semiconductor as PD Engineer

I joined this course To Learn the Physical Design Concepts that can help me to grab good knowledge on PD and it met my expectations. Teaching quality from trainer is very good and he cleared my all doubts/queries asked to him. VPN facility which is unique from Chipedge helped me to practice labs even from home. Finally, I completely satisfied with the course.
author-img - Chetan
M.Tech-1 year internship with Analog Device

My expectation to join this course was to get detailed hands-on experience on complete PD stages. Trainer is highly experienced and superb knowledge. This course helped a lot in having good understanding of PD.
author-img - M Naik
B.Tech-1+ years of exp in INTEL as PV Engineer

I joined this course to change my domain and before course get complete I placed in VLSI industry. Trainer is best in his domain and having good knowledge about PD. Enrolling for the PD course at Chipedge technologies has been a very good choice, has provided an extensive and in-depth knowledge on the topic. The classes and the study materials have been very helpful in understanding PD in a better way. Good thing is that you will get to work on Real time Project with Case Studies. It was Awesome experience with Chipedge Technologies pvt ltd.
author-img - Shubham
1.2 years of exp in Hardware- Switched to PD Role

I joined this course to change the field to Physical Design and it met my expectations. Good, knowledgeable Trainer. Trainer is having knowledge no doubt about it. He was explaining slowly and neatly and he use clear doubts then and there itself. And lab instructor supported us very well while doing labs.
author-img - Kashyap
1.2 years of exp in Hardware

My expectations to join this course to learn complete VLSI backend flow to enter VLSI domain. The course increased my knowledge from basic VLSI concepts to detailed back end concepts. Trainer is very good. Always cooperative with doubts. Course coordination were Excellent. Each small things has been taken care very well.
author-img - Nikhil
B.Tech fresher-Joined Synapse as PD Engineer

I joined this course to know Industrial exposure and practical knowledge. I learnt industrial work, what are the work environment. Worked on projects also. This course helped me to enhance my practical as well as theoretical knowledge also. Trainer is really very good. He does solve all the query of us at any time.
author-img - S Kumar
1+ years of exp in INTEL as PV Engineer

My expectations before joining this course was to understand whole PD flow in detail, which in turn helps ramp up quickly in industry and overall efficiency. In comparison to all other institutes providing PD training, this was very much in detail with proper practical and hands on experience. Trainer has in-depth knowledge of all micro details regarding PD flow, and his experience helps students analyze and solve the critical but known issues quickly. Trainer, whenever asked has given to the point answer and also very quick. The lap support was more than expected, and in real time, it has helped understand the flow better. I admire this program a lot as I have never seen such properly balanced Lab and Theory classes anywhere else.
author-img - Mansi
1+ years of exp in INTEL
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