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Know the difference between Verilog and Systemverilog

When studying about VLSI, Verilog is often confused with SystemVerilog. Many people are oblivious to the distinction. So, this article provides an outline for the difference between Verilog and SystemVerilog. VLSI training institute


Verilog (HDL) is a Hardware Description Language. It’s a programming language for describing the construction and behaviour of electrical circuits. Verilog began as a proprietary language for hardware modelling at Gateway Design Automation Inc in 1983, then became IEEE standard 1364 in 1995 and began to gain popularity. The Verilog testbench is based on module level testing.

System Verilog:

HDVL stands for the mix of Hardware Description Language (HDL) and Hardware Verification Language (HVL). It describes the structure and behaviour of electrical circuits while also verifying circuits specified in a Hardware Description Language. In 2005, SystemVerilog was designated as a superset of Verilog with several additions, and it became IEEE standard 1800, which was upgraded in 2012 as IEEE 1800-2012. SystemVerilog is built on a class-level testbench that is more dynamic. Also Read – VLSI Certification Courses Online 

What is the Difference between both?

  • While Verilog is a Hardware Description Language (HDL), System Verilog combines the Hardware Description Language (HDL) and the Hardware Verification Language (HVL) i.e; HDVL.
  • Electronic systems are structured and modelled using the Verilog language whereas System Modeling, designing, simulating, testing, and implementing electrical systems are all done in SystemVerilog.
  • The Verilog testbench is based on module level testing and on the other hand, SystemVerilog is based on the Class level testbench.
  • Verilog entails the use of C and Fortran programming languages whereas SystemVerilog is a programming language that combines Verilog, VHDL, and C++.
  • The datatypes Wire and Reg are supported in Verilog while SystemVerilog supports enum, union, struct, string, and class data types.


In a nutshell, SystemVerilog is a more advanced version of Verilog with more functionality. Chipedge, one of the best VLSI training institutes in India, offering various VLSI courses online. Get enrolled, to have a better understanding of VLSI topics. Image Source

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