Job Prospects in VLSI Physical Design

Job Prospects in VLSI Physical Design

VLSI provides a wide arena for career growth and opportunities. One of the main fields in VLSI is VLSI Physical Design. PD requires technical and practical knowledge on various subject matters. The industry is constantly growing and the job prospects in the PD field are many in number.

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What is VLSI Physical Design

As the name suggests, VLSI Physical Design is the construction of layout of a circuit description. It involves intricate steps and factors like Partitioning, Flooring, Placement, etc. PD deals with elements such as circuit area, power, and reliability in the process. 


Job Prospects

The VLSI Industry has a compelling scope as the electronics industry is witnessing efficacious growth  which is also seen by the many Job Prospects in RTL Design. This, in turn, has a positive effect on the industry as the PD process is an indispensable step in the creation of VLSI chips. 


The job prospects in the Physical Design industry are varied and are plenty. ASIC Engineer, PD Engineer, Soc and Implementation Engineer, Structural Design Lead, etc. The most popular job position in this industry is the Physical Design Engineer. For good job positions in the PD industry, one must have a strong skill set on PD elements and a wide knowledge base. 


Physical Design Engineer

A  VLSI Physical Design Engineer is responsible for evaluating semiconductors, generating processor layout circuits and microchips. The responsibilities will vary according to the company and the position. Some of the commonly expected requirements include enabling easy routing, planning phases of a design project, reviewing and testing chip designs, etc.


For most of the job positions for freshers, the job requirement is not only having an Electronic Engineering background, nowadays a certificate course in the relevant skill is made mandatory for acquiring positions in many companies in the industry. The average salary for PD engineer can vary from around 6 lakhs p.a to 10 lakhs p.a. Salary is based on factors like experience, company, role in the company, etc.


A few of the many companies that are hiring for a Physical Design Engineer are Intel Technologies, Qualcomm Technologies, and Micron Semiconductor Asia.


For placements in the VLSI Physical Design industry, it is crucial that you are equipped with the necessary and required skills including numerous Intangible Skills that are in Demand for Electronics Engineers these days.  By enrolling in a  course for PD you can be trained and furnished with robust technical skills. The PD course offered at ChipEdge, which is The Best VLSI Training Institute,  is designed to cater to the needs of professionals, freshers, and students. With a constantly updated curriculum and expert trainers from the industry, Chipedge trains you to acquire and prepare for various job positions in the industry.  



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