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Job opportunities for ECE Freshers

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Electronics and Communication Engineering is a field concerning electronic devices, circuits, and communication equipment such as transmitters and receivers, as well as integrated circuits.  Job opportunities for ECE freshers are no doubt abundant as Electronics and Communication Engineering, as it has become the backbone of the digital age. However, in an era of fierce competition and high levels of mental stress for students, obtaining an education in this sector and flourishing in their careers is critical. The majority of college students put their best foot forward in hopes to achieve well after receiving their degree, yet the future remains uncertain.  Job opportunities for ECE freshers are available both in the government and in the commercial sector. The pay range however varies on different aspects. Following an ECE degree, some of the job opportunities for ECE freshers with core areas related to VLSI are as follows: 
  1. RTL Design Engineer 
  2. Design Verification Engineer
  3. VLSI Design Engineer
  4. Physical Design Automation Engineer
  5. Analog Design Engineer
  6. DFT Engineer
  7. Memory Design Engineer
  8. CAD Engineer
  9. Analog Layout Engineer
  10. STA & Synthesis Engineer
  11. R & D Verification Engineer
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Top Companies Providing Job Opportunities For ECE Freshers 

  1. Qualcomm
  2. Mediatech
  3. Broadcom
  4. ASM Technologies
  5. NXP Semiconductors
  6. Synopsys
  7. Cadence
  8. Intel
  9. Texas Instruments
  10. Cypress Semiconductor Corporation
  11. Analog Device Inc.
  12. Cisco Systems
  13. Bit Mapper Integration Technologies Private Limited
  14. Horizon Semiconductors.
  15. Einfochips limited
  16. HCL technologies
  17. Trident Tech Labs


Students graduating from electronics engineering want to attain a high-paying profession, therefore enhancing their skill sets will have a significant influence on their pay range. There is a wide range of occupations accessible in the discipline, given the variety of industries that need ECE graduates. However, employees who are familiar with VLSI earn an average of Rs. 23.9 lakhs, with the majority earning between Rs.10 lakhs and Rs. 50 lakhs. The VLSI courses at ChipEdge will help you attain just that. ChipEdge is one of the best VLSI training Institute in Bangalore. Reach out to the team to know more about career in VLSI.


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