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High Speed IO Circuit Design Testimonials, 1st Batch (Feb – Mar 2017)

High Speed IO Circuit Design Testimonials, 1st Batch (Feb – Mar 2017)

We are pleased to share the testimonials from the 1st batch of High Speed IO Circuit Design course completed successfully. Please read the testimonials from the participants, how it reached their expectation.

I wanted to understand the overview of analog design and start some analog design work and I was happy with the tutor. Trainer is super cool and knowledgeable and excellent quality of teaching by him. He clears our question/queries asked during the sessions very clearly. It’s a new course, only offered by chipedge in Bangalore. We should welcome the initiative taken by them. Overall a good experience.
author-img - Manjunath
5years into validation - Silabtech


My expectations to join this course was to get basics of analog design and SERDES basics and yes it covered the topics which I wanted. The trainer was very knowledgeable and the quality of training is just awesome. He helped in solving my doubts to the best of his ability.
author-img - Shankar
10yrs in layout and characterization - Wipro


I joined this course to understanding of basics for design approach of analog IOs and it gives detailed insight about the design details. Trainer is very knowledgeable and I am satisfied with his teaching. Overall, I am happy with this course.
author-img - Anonymous
9+ years exp. in AMS / IBIS modelling – Maxim Integrated


My expectations to join this course was to get knowledge in circuit design and IO cell design and yes, this course met my expectations. Trainer is experienced and he explained concepts well & handled all students and answered all questions.
author-img - Pratibha
4+ years teaching experience


Expectation was to understand how IO circuits are designed & implemented. IO circuits basics was taught & then lot of lab sessions for implementing the circuit. It was in par with how companies actually do IO circuits. Trainer was very good in taking the course from scratch to high speed IO design within very short span of time. It is a challenge to do this as making people understand the basics of IO circuits & making them design high speed IO within 8 classes calls for a round of applause. Trainer is very calm & ensures that everyone question is answered either it be theory or lab. He spends time with each student during class which really helps a lot. Understood the IO world which I use very often in my work at very top level. So, it helps me in better understanding of what I do in my current work.
author-img - Anonymous
9 years in Hardware Board Design & SI engineer