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Attend Free Session on “Opportunities for PCB/Board Design/Embedded Engineers in VLSI Industry” to understand the scope and opportunities available in VLSI Industry for Non-VLSI Electronic Engineers, working in PCB/Board Design/Embedded Engineers.

Session Details-

  • Date- 6th Nov, 2016
  • Time- 10am to 11:30am
  • Duration- 1hour 30 minutes
  • Speaker- Mr. Venkat Sunkara, CEO, ChipEdge
  • Venue: NetworkLabs, 2nd floor, Tapaswiji Arcade, SilkBoard Junction, Bangalore


  • Introduction to VLSI Industry
  • Demand and Supply for VLSI engineers
  • Job Opportunities for PCB/Board Design/Embedded engineers
  • How ChipEdge training courses help engineers to switch to VLSI Industry

Who Can Attend ?

  • Electronics engineers, working in PCB, Board Design, Digital Signal Processing, Embedded domain can join
  • B-Tech, M-Tech (VLSI) Freshers/Interns can join

CEO’s Message:

As part of my interactions with VLSI industry executives, in particular from services companies, one common thing I hear is, “We have multiple openings for experienced engineers. Please send / refer any good profiles”. When i ask about their pain points, “finding quality engineers” is a consistent message i hear. With increase in number of new projects in the last 6 to 12 months , the demand has shot up further. Since the demand is so high and supply is less, the salaries are shooting up further, which are already on the higher side. Only few companies are hiring freshers in small numbers, as their clients are insisting on experienced engineers.

This opened the opportunities for Engineers working in PCB/Board Design/Embedded /Electronics Engineers, to learn VLSI and switch to VLSI industry. Since these Engineers comes with experience, mixed with usage of tools, they can learn quickly and be productive in less time. One has to choose the related courses as per their current experience.PCB Layout Engineers can choose Layout Design, Physical Design courses and Embedded Engineers can choose Design Verification courses.

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