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Labs were very helpful and it helped me understand scan concepts very well. Trainer was very knowledgeable and helped us in understanding concepts. It bridged gap between industry and academics.
author-img - Shruthi S
M.tech VLSI Fresher, joined Imspired as DFT Engineer
Concepts were explained with focus on Fundamentals. Labs are very well formulated making us understand the significance of each step and command. Trainer has a very good expertise in DFT along with the patience to deliver it to the students, reaching to their level of understanding. Gives personal attention to everyone in the class. VPN has helped to work at home and get good hands on.
author-img - Ranjana Mathur
Verification Engineer
The course was really good and able to learn tool oriented way. Trainer was really good and he explained each and every topic. He was able to clear all our doubts. He is having a very good knowledge in the DFT domain and expertise in tools. Met most of my Expectation.
- Dipu P
Software Engineer, Accenture
The trainer is good and has put his efforts to prepare the content and delivered the course very well.
author-img - Kiran
3+ yrs in DFT working on MBIST, with IBM
It is a much needed course for every ASIC engineer. I am from FPGA background and I could realize the importance of DFT techniques for chip qualification. 

I have joined the course to understand the basics of DFT and its implication to front end design. The purpose of LINT checks for DFT is understood. Considerable confidence is gained in DFT scan chain insertion, ATPG and MBIST DFT using tools.

author-img - Chandran
8+ years of RTL Design, FPGA validation Experience
Trainer is very helpful even in very small and silly doubts explain everything asked to him. About course, it was very good. When I have started I have so many doubts but now at the end of this course doubts are clear with clear understanding of concepts.
author-img - Hardik K
M.Tech Fresher, placed in “Imspired Solutions” as DFT Engineer
Trainer is great, anytime ready to solve problems, in and out of class, never gets irritated to our silly doubts, on top of it her experience in DFT is commendable. I recommend everyone who are curious to work or to explore in DFT , no other institute will match Chipedge.
author-img - Ramesh
1 year of internship in DFT
Trainer has good experience which helped us in all labs whenever we were stuck at some problems. Being a fresher, I don’t have any practical knowledge about DFT. Expectation was this course will help me build and improve my basics.
author-img - S Kanjariya
M-Tech Fresher, Placed in “Imspired Solutions” as DFT Engineer
The quality of teaching is top notch. The trainer has answered all our queries with patience, clarity and enthusiasm. All has been done with extreme professionalism. Chipedge DFT program is very unique in a sense that a separate training program on DFT is very rare at least in India.

I feel fortunate to have found one such unique course and enrolled for it. The course has given a lot of exposure to DFT and broken my idea that DFT is an easy job to do.

author-img - Vasanth
9 years of RTL Design & Verification Experience and working for TechVulcan
The trainer is really good and has strong knowledge and expertise in DFT. Labs are designed very well, adequate with the course requirements.
author-img - Amit
2+ yrs of VLSI Experience with a EDA company