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DFT Testimonials, 4th Batch (Jan-Mar, 2017)

DFT Testimonials, 4th Batch (Jan-Mar, 2017)

Read what engineers are saying about the quality of the course, particularly about the trainer and his expertise. And how he made learning effective, with better examples and teaching from his experience. Also our engineers got into DFT roles during the course itself.

This course is very helpful if you want to get to know DFT. Concepts are good and you will get some time for Lab for simulations as well. You will be given VPN so when you are free, you can use this tool for your experimentation. For me, this course is beneficial. Trainer is good and whenever we ask any queries, trainer helps us.
author-img - Srini
10+ years of exp in DFT domain

I joined this course to gain knowledge in DFT and building my career in DFT. Trainer is having good knowledge and experience in DFT and answered all the doubts we asked. Lab support was just awesome.
author-img - Mohan
1+year test Engineer, Tessolve Semiconductor

My expectation to join this course was to get into DFT domain and Yes, it helps to meet my expectations. Trainer is excellent and he answered all types of queries I asked. Materials provided are good and help to crack the interviews. After completing this course, it helped me to get into DFT domain.
author-img - Anonymous
5+ years of exp-Tessolve Semiconductor

I joined this course to get knowledge on DFT and it helps to achieve a step ahead in my professional career in my interests. Trainer is very interactive and knowledgeable giving solutions for all doubts either silly or even conceptual
author-img - Vishnu
2yeras exp in RTL-Joined Mindlance as DFT Engineer

I joined this course to get knowledge on DFT tools and to get hands experience which companies asking for job opportunities. Trainer is having knowledge no doubt about it. He was explaining slowly and neatly and he use clear doubts then and there itself. And lab instructor supported us very well while doing labs
author-img - Anonymous
2 Years of exp as test engineer-Joined Tessolve Semiconductor as Design Engineer

As a fresher I was not aware of DFT but after attending training it helped me and met the expectations completely. Our Trainer had above 11+years’ experience and was truly the best at delivering the DFT knowledge his way. Really a Great Experience at ChipEdge Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Being a fresher they provided me a excellent platform to learn and gain knowledge in this VLSI course. Enrolling for the DFT course at Chipedge technologies has been a very good choice, has provided an extensive and in-depth knowledge on the topic.It was Awesome experience with Chipedge Technologies pvt ltd. I personally found it great and it will sure help in shaping my future in DFT domain.
author-img - Vaibhav
B.Tech Fresher-Joined Mindlance as DFT Engineer

My expectations to join this course was to get into VLSI industry. After doing the course I understood the DFT concepts and now I am confident to face interview. Trainer was excellent, he gave nice explanations about the subject and cleared all my doubts. The quality of teaching from trainer is awesome. During the course, it was nice experience working on tools, which created real time environment. I am very much satisfied of taking this DFT course, i have learnt new technologies.
author-img - Lakshman
B-Tech Fresher

I joined this course to get into core industry. I learnt a lot after doing this course. Trainer is excellent and cleared all our doubts asked. trainer was opened to answer even the silliest doubts. I am feeling knowledgeable after joining the course.
author-img - Sunil
B.Tech Fresher-Joined Graphene Semiconductor as DFT Engineer

I joined this course to know Industrial exposure and practical knowledge. I learnt industrial work, what are the work environment. Worked on projects also. This course helped me to enhance my practical as well as theoretical knowledge also. Trainer is really good. He does solve all the query of us at any time.
author-img - Anonymous
6 months exp in Software domain-Joined Altran as DFT Engineer

My expectation was to learn DFT basics and able to do industrial project. The teaching method was really good, Theory & Lab simultaneously is Best and helped me to understand the concepts very well. Nice communication through WhatsApp and immediate response if we get any problems. VPN system is excellent which is unique from ChipEdge to get connected anytime from anywhere helped us a lot in practicing the labs. Overall program gave us the complete information about DFT. I feel fortunate to have found one such unique course and enrolled for it. The course has given a lot of exposure to DFT and broken my idea that DFT is an easy job to do.
author-img - Anand
BE Fresher-Joined Graphene Semiconductor as DFT Engineer


24/7 VPN Access - Weekday & Weekend Classes - Experienced Trainers