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Deepak , 2+ years of experience in Board Design & PCB Layout, Switched to PD Role

I have Masters in VLSI Design. But unfortunately I could not get into VLSI field since my expertise did not meet the industry standard as soon I completed my Masters. So I was putting effort to get into VLSI domain but could not afford fees and full time from other institutions. During this time ChipEdge’s weekend class was like a boon.

Trainer is Excellent. His way of teaching and explanations given were really good and the assignments given helped us in understanding the concepts deeper. Trainer’s knowledge and depth of understanding is simply great. Since he is working full time on the real time projects also with so much of previous work experience helped us a lot in all the way to understand the concepts easily.

He never gave any exceptions for all the questions asked. He was always ready to make us understand during the class hours and even after that. The material given is like a all time reference. I got what I wanted.