This course meets my expectations. Trainer never hesitate to explain the concepts multiple times. He is very much focused on the design flow rather than tool flow. He made us to work on any tool. Arrangements are fine. Assignments made us to work continuously without the break. Definitely i will take advanced layout courses if it is available.
author-img - Prem K
3 years in PCB design and signal integrity, Switched to VLSI, Intel
The course is well planned and executed. Experienced real-time training, from the Trainer having rich industry experience and tremendous knowledge. Trainers is brilliant in explaining the concepts with individual care.

Lab facility through VPN helped a lot. Management showed dedication and involvement, in arranging the lab facilities, tool access. Course material is simple in understanding and rich in concepts. Be it technical question or some logistics issue, Received good support from management, Trainer through group mail as well as over phone.

author-img - Maheswar Reddy
2.5 years’ experience in PCB designing, Switched to VLSI, Intel


The topics are covered and presented in an outstanding form. Extremely happy with the teaching. repeated coverage of the topic till we are clear. explaining the concepts from the basics, replying emails even at late nights. The program was delivered as promised and all the topics has been covered. overall the course is great and i learned a lot from the course, especially the topics in the layout.
author-img - Sri Karthik
1.3yrs of IT experience, Switched to VLSI, Si2Chip
Course met my expectations & I learnt a lot of things. Training was excellent, gave confidence (as concepts were clear). Trainer is good in transferring the knowledge & clarifying doubts. Discussions were informative & crystal clear. All presentations were good enough to understand & acquire knowledge. Communication through group & WhatsApp made easier.

Wish Chipedge to continue and maintain this quality of training. Hope to join in future courses.

author-img - Sai Kumar, 1 year internship Experience, Joined Analog Device