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TCL Scripting

Course Overview:

Scripting plays an important role in the current chip design methodology. Conventionally, it has been used to automate a design flow, integrate a variety of tools, patch a buggy tool, extract required information, modify an output format, and prepare a configuration file.

Moreover, scripting languages are also used extensively within some EDA tools to provide a basic programming capability such as defining a variable, setting an option value, executing a command sequence, recording a command sequence, switching on/off a tool’s feature, capturing output results, branching and looping.

Among scripting languages TCL is most commonly used, particularly implementation engineers, which includes Synthesis, STA, LEC, DFT, PD, PV and CAD engineers.

Majority of product companies automate the flows, using TCL or other scripting methods.  Some times to get some task done, engineers need to tweak data or process the design / constraints data, to get the required functionality. In such case, TCL will be very handy skill to get the task done quickly, which otherwise takes many hours and some times, very difficult to achieve without scripting.

This course is designed and delivered, as application oriented with hands on labs using prime time, by writing TCL scripts for day to day design problems.

Training Delivery Model:

  • Lecture & Lab sessions go hand in hand.
  • Sessions will be interactive in nature.

Training Material & Certification:

  • Hand outs of training material will be provided.
  • Course completion certificate from ChipEdge.
  • Course learning will be assessed as per Bloom’s Taxonomy.
  • Certification from Global University of Engineering, USA.

Who Can Attend This Course:

Any VLSI Engineer working on RTL Design / Verification / Synthesis / STA / Formal Verification / DFT / Physical Design / Physical Verification ….etc can attend this course.

Course Content outline:

This course is designed and delivered, as application oriented with hands on labs using prime time, by writing TCL scripts for day to day problems.

After covering the basics of TCL, trainer teaches, how to write small scripts in prime time and slowly increases the complexity of scripts, by using prime time commands. Trainer takes some problem statements from your day to day VLSI work and teaches how to write scripts quickly for such requirements.

  • Basics of TCL
  • How to write small scripts in TCL
  • How to write TCL scripts by using prime time commands.
  • How to understand complex TCL scripts and debug / modify them as needed.
  • Best practices in writing TCL scripts
  • How to develop own commands, for your custom requirements.


Tools to be used:

Industry Standard Tools will be used.


The trainer is working as Lead Physical Design Engineer with a leading VLSI Company in Bangalore and has 10+ years of Physical Design experience in VLSI  industry, with multiple complex tape outs to his credit.

He is passionate about teaching and mentored many entry / mid level engineers throughout his corporate career.  He is excellent Trainer and has received good credentials for all his training deliveries.  He is dynamic in nature and brings high energy levels to the class.