Course Overview:

This course is designed for the working professionals with at least 1+ years of work experience in VLSI industry, who want to switch to Analog and mainly High-Speed IO Circuit Design field. Apt for those who are developing General Purpose or Low-Speed IO Circuits.

The uniqueness of this course

  • All the concepts are reinforced with circuit simulation, available 24×7.
  • Self-experimenting with IFs and BUTs of circuit configurations which help in addressing practical problems.
  • The platform provides an opportunity for fast learners, to go beyond specified lab sessions and attempt more complex designs.
  • Completing course within a given time limit itself is an accomplishment

What do you get out of this Course?

  • Exposure to basic concepts of IO Circuits, fundamental blocks used in almost all of Analog Circuits. High-Speed IO circuits used in serial link interfaces, which are analog in nature.
  • A chance to design Digital and High Speed IO Circuit from scratch with real life specifications.
  • Hands on experience in designing analog building blocks and high speed circuits, since  more than 60% of the course duration being spent on lab sessions

What Opportunities could open up for you ?

For those intend to switch the field: Entry level IO circuit designer opportunities will openup

For those already in IO Field will get:

  • Opportunity/confidence to move towards High Speed IO Design
  • Understand customer problems/requirements quickly, and capability to provide optimum solutionHigh Speed IO Circuits are essential part of any serial link. With various standards and process nodes around, career opportunities for good high speed IO circuit designer are ample high – both in IP companies and product companies.


  • Basic understanding of MOS Circuits and operation of MOS inverter.
  • Understanding of Custom Layout

Training Delivery Model:

  • Weekends (Saturdays): Instructor Lead classroom training
  • Each Lecture session will be followed by Labs on that module.
  • Weekdays : Lab support through Email and WhatsApp
  • Flexible learning with 24/7 Lab Access from home through VPN

Training Material & Certification:

  • Hand outs of training materials will be provided
  • Course completion certificate from ChipEdge
  • Course Credit Certificate leading to MS Degree under Global University of Engineers, USA

Who Can Attend This Course:

  • Working Professionals from VLSI industry, currently working in characterisation of standard cell and/or IO Cell, who want to switch to IO Circuit design
  • Working Professionals developing IBIS model and IO Support kind of role, who would like to switch to IO Circuit design and characterisation role
  • Working professional doing Layout — either Standard Cell or IO or Analog and would like to switch to circuit design
  • Working IO Circuit Design Engineers who want to fill the gaps in their understanding & strengthen circuit design concepts to contribute effectively in their current role
  • Faculty working in Engineering Colleges / Universities, teaching VLSI subjects, who would like to get practical exposure to circuit design

Course Content Outline:

Modular courses: Basics of IO, Analog and High-Speed IO Design

Module-1 : (Basics of IO Design)
  • Lecture : Introduction to IO Cells,  Specifications, Contents of IO Library (various views and use), Basics of MOS devices (Brush up of basics), Spice Simulation Basics
  • Lab: Schematic draw and simulation of inverter
  • Lecture: Design of O/P driver, pre-driver and level shifter circuit, Design of Receiver Circuit
  • Lab: Design, Simulation, and Verification of O/P driver, pre-driver and level shifter circuit
  • Lecture: Orientation for ESD, Packaging effects, High-Speed IO
  • Lab: Design, Simulation, and Verification of receiver circuit, Verification of remaining part of output structure

Module 2:    Basics of Analog Design

  • Lecture: Device Characterisation, Current Mirror
  • Lab: Device characterization by simulation and current mirror
  • Lab: Amplifier basics and stability analysis theory
  • Lecture: Circuit design and verification of amplifier for all the parameters

Module 3: High-Speed IO Circuits  – CML Driver and Receiver

  • Lab: Specification of CML Driver Circuits and challenges
  • Lecture: Design and verify CML Driver (Final stage)
  • Lab: Complete the Design and verification of  Multistage CML  Driver
  • Lecture: Complete the Design and verification of  Multi stage CML  Driver
  • Lab: Introduction to jitter and jitter analysis in SERDES, Q&As, and tips on building career in Analog Circuit Design
  • Lecture: Design and Verification of CML Receiver

Module Outcome:

At the end of this module, the participant will be able to

  1. Understand GPIO Circuit Design
  2. Understand Basic Analog blocks
  3. Create High-speed IO Circuit

Tools to be used:

  • Industry Standard Tools.
  • Additional Lab Hours through VPN, to enable you spend more time on labs from home. This is on top of Trainer led lab sessions.


The trainer has work experience of more than 20 years in leading semiconductor MNCs in IO and Analog Circuit design field. His designs have been used in many successful products.

He is passionate about teaching and has devised and conducted many training sessions for entry/mid-level engineers throughout his career. He has created teams with young engineers and trained them to deliver cutting edge designs.

His training sessions are highly interactive and are dotted with practical tips out of his experience. He stresses and ensures that participants gets a firm hold on basic concepts, which help in solving design problems.

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