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Course Overview:

Analog circuit design field has myriad opportunities in various fields – Data converter/signal conditioning, Power Management, High speed interfaces, Instrumentation etc.

Job opportunities in Analog Circuit Design are available for engineers with passion towards Analog design, strong analytical problem solving capability and strong work discipline/commitment.

This course is designed for the working professionals with at least 1+ years of work experience in VLSI / Electronics Industry, who want to learn and possibly switch to Analog Circuit Design field.

What do you get out of this Course?

  • Exposure to basic concepts of Analog Circuits, design methodologies and design problems underneath.
  • Complete theory part is backed up with tool based lab sessions, hence learning analog circuit basics becomes easy.
  • Once basic concepts are strengthened, a chance to design quite a few building blocks.
  • At the end, strong confidence to attempt to take a shot at complex analog circuits.

What Opportunities could open up for you?

  • Entry level Analog circuit designer or high speed IO circuit designer openings.
  • Confidence to design/analyse more complex circuits. Potential to move up the ladder.
  • Understand customer problems/requirements quickly, and capability to provide optimum solution

Uniqueness of this course:

  • Focus on strengthening analog circuit basics and intuitive understanding of the designs – not just on tools.
  • All the concepts are reinforced with circuit simulation for ease of understanding.
  • Tools are accessible even from your home through VPN connection, so that learning is extended beyond weekly class room sessions.
  • Self-experimenting with IFs and BUTs of circuit configurations to help in addressing practical problems.

Training Delivery Model:

  • Online Live Virtual Classrooms
  • Trainer Led Lab Sessions via VPN
  • Materials Shared before every session.
  • Interactive sessions scheduled after every topic

Training Materials:

  • Hand-outs of training materials will be provided
  • Reference Materials will be shared

Who Can Attend This Course?

  • Any Electronics Engineer, who has passion to learn Analog Circuit Design and has some exposure to MOS circuits
  • Engineers working in IO/Analog Layout/Characterization/Modelling/AMS Verification etc. would like to Learn to do their job more effectively or interested to pursue Circuit Design opportunities.
  • Working Analog Circuit Design Engineers who want to fill the gaps in their understanding & strengthen circuit design concepts to contribute effectively in their current role.
  • Faculty working in Engineering Colleges / Universities, teaching Analog Design subjects , who would like to get practical exposure.
  • College fresher with inclination towards Analog Circuit design, interested to pursue career opportunities in the Analog Design.


Knowledge on below topics are Required.

  • Detailed knowledge/understanding of MOS Devices.
  • Basic understanding of circuit simulator – hspice or spectre, etc.
  • Good understanding of control theory, network theory and other basic electrical/electronic subjects.
  • Desirable to have some understanding of Analog Layout
  • Passion towards Analog circuits
  • Work discipline

Course Outline:

Week 1.
  • Introduction to MOS Devices — Fabrication, etc.
  • CMOS Devices Characteristics
  • Lab : Spice simulation methodology (Custom Design Tool): Simulating MOS Inverter — OP, DC and Tran
Week 2
  • Lab : NMOS/PMOS Device characterisation — Vth, Id, gm, rds, etc
  • CMOS Current mirror
  • Lab : Design and Simulation of simple current mirror
Week 3
  • Design of Single Ended MOS amplifier(CS, etc)
  • Lab : Design of Single Ended MOS amplifier(Common Source)
  • Lab : Design of Single Ended MOS amplifier(Common Source) review and discussion
Week 4
  • Single ended and Differential Signalling. SE and Diff Amplifiers
  • Designing CMOS Differential Amplifier
  • Lab : Design and verification of Differential Amplifier
Week 5
  • Introduction to stability analysis and Need of OTA/OpAmp
  • OTA/Operation Amplifiersion Design Steps
  • Lab : Design of 2 stage OpAmp
Week 6
  • Lab : Design of 2 stage OpAmp progress discussion
  • Lab : Design of 2 Stage Opamp final review and closure
  • Lab : Design current source using OpAmp
Week 7
  • BGR Thoery & Design method
  • Project discussion — Comparator/BGR using opamp

Tools to be used:

  •  Full custom design suite from Synopsys, which include Custom Compiler for designing and Hspice for spice simulations.
  • Additional Lab Hours through VPN, to enable you to spend more time on labs from home. This is on top of the Trainer led lab sessions.


  • Course completion certificate from ChipEdge



Trainer Details:

The course is designed and delivered by Mr. Shripad Annigeri. With 20+ years of VLSI experience, Shripad specializes in Analog Subsystems/IP Development from Concept to Productization. His experience includes Director AMS IP Development at MegaChip as well as lead roles in multiple other top EDA companies like Wipro, Infineon, Cadence, etc.

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