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The ASIC Design Verification course is a job oriented course designed to cover the entire spectrum of Verification skills required for a Verification Engineer. Delivered by practicing experts in Verification, the course covers Basic Verification as well as the latest languages and methodologies like System Verilog and UVM. Emphasis is given to hands-on training with guided lab sessions and projects as a part of the course.

The course is designed and will be delivered by experts in physical design, as per the industry requirements.

Importance is given to cover the concepts, methodology with good emphasis on hands-on training, using Industry Standard tools with at least 60 % time allocated to lab sessions with quality project at the end of the course.

Design For Testability (DFT) is a specialization in the SOC design cycle, which facilitates a design for detecting manufacturing defects.

With increase in size & complexity of chips, facilitated by advancement of manufacturing technologies, It has evolved as a specialization in itself over a period of time.

DFT Engineers, works on introducing various test structures as part of the design flow, to increase the testability of logic, pads, memories, interconnects.

In today’s era, complex SoC chips are being realized using complex VLSI(EDA) tools, of which RTL2GDSII flow is being used extensively during any SoC manufacturing.

This has enabled the realization of very complex digital designs, which starts with design specification and modeling of design using HDL language.

This high level description of design is mapped to its corresponding hardware using automation, known as “Synthesis”, without which it’s near to impossible to design very complex digital circuits.

Analog circuit design field has myriad opportunities in various fields – Data converter/signal conditioning, Power Management, High speed interfaces, Instrumentation etc.

Job opportunities in Analog Circuit Design are available for engineers with passion towards Analog design, strong analytical problem solving capability and strong work discipline/commitment.

This course is designed for the working professionals with at least 1+ years of work experience in VLSI / Electronics Industry, who want to learn and possibly switch to Analog Circuit Design field.

This course is designed with the purpose of giving participants an in-depth training on custom layout concepts, techniques along with hands on knowledge expected of fresher-level aspirants in the VLSI industry.

This course covers important topics like CMOS process fabrication technology, understanding of components like MOS transistors, resistors and capacitors used in these technologies and the theory behind various layout techniques like shielding, common centroid matching, guard rings, ESD protection, etc.

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Hire passionate candidates ranging from Freshers to Laterals with 5+ years of experience.


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All candidates have come through the latest assessments and have been pushed to challenge themselves.


Candidates for more than 20 profiles in the VLSI domain from Synthesis to Tapeout.


Candidates provided with industry insights by experienced professionals in the industry.