Analysis of Propagation Delay In VLSI CMOS Design

Propagation delay in VLSI

When designing integrated circuits (ICs), electrical engineers must consider propagation delay in VLSI CMOS design. The propagation delay of a logic gate is defined as the time it takes for the effect of a change in input to be evident at the output. In other words, propagation delay is the time it takes for the […]

What are the OOPS Concepts in System Verilog?

SystemVerilog is an object-oriented programming language used to model, design, simulate, test and implement electronic systems. In order to grasp the capabilities of OOPS in SystemVerilog, we must know the concept of objects, class, method, inheritance, encapsulation, abstraction, polymorphism in OOPS. In contrast to procedural programming, OOPS in Verilog organises programmes around objects and data […]

Revolutionizing VLSI Design: Advantage of Ethernet 10G

In the world of VLSI design, where complex circuits and systems are integrated into a single chip, efficient and high-speed data transfer is crucial. This is where Ethernet 10G (10 Gigabit Ethernet) comes into play, revolutionizing the VLSI landscape with its exceptional capabilities.  What Does Ethernet 10G refer to? Ethernet 10G, also known as 10 […]

Data Transfer with Peripheral Component Interconnect Express

In the realm of computer hardware, the need for speed is a constant driving force. With the ever-increasing demand for faster and more efficient data transfer, the industry has witnessed the rise of several technological advancements. One such innovation that has revolutionized the way we connect devices and peripherals is the Peripheral Component Interconnect Express, […]

What is Advanced eXtensible Interface Protocol?

Advanced eXtensible Interface or AXI is an on-chip communication bus protocol. It was developed by ARM.  It is described by the Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture 3 (AMBA-3) and revisions were added in  (AMBA-4) standards. The AXI is a point-to-point interface, designed for high-performance, high-speed microcontroller systems. The AXI protocol is based on a point-to-point link, […]

All About The Advanced High-Performance Bus

Advanced High-performance Bus is a protocol that is dedicated to high-performance transfers, connecting internal and external memory and high-performance peripherals. It defines bus transactions as having an addressing phase followed by a data phase. The first phase usually lasts one clock cycle, whereas the second phase might last one or more cycles. These stages can […]

Brief Insight On Advanced Peripheral Bus

Advanced Peripheral Bus (APB) is a protocol of the Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture (AMBA) family. The most recent version of APB is v2.0, which was released as part of the AMBA 4 release. It is a low-cost interface that has been tuned for low power consumption and low interface complexity. It is a Non-Pipelined protocol, […]

An Overview On System Verilog Testbench

A system Verilog testbench is a container in which the design is placed and directed by various input stimuli. The created stimulus should be used to drive the design inputs.  System Verilog Testbench or Verification environment is used to validate the functional correctness of the Design Under Test (DUT) by producing and driving a predetermined […]

What Is The Need For Perl Scripting In VLSI?

Every programming-based job has some repetitive work that takes a significant amount of time, yet it does not provide any new learning. These tasks might include updating a spreadsheet, executing test cases, reviewing test logs, upgrading the environment for common changes, and so on. Unfortunately, many people wind up devoting a significant amount of time […]

What is the Role of Formal Verification in VLSI?

ASIC project life cycle stages like front-end verification, logic synthesis, post routing checks, and ECOs all employ formal verification. However, the formal verification in vlsi used to check RTLs is quite different from other types of formal verification. In contrast to dynamic verification methods like simulation, formal verification refers to a group of approaches that […]

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